Current students

A home for the helpful links you might need during your time studying at the University of Salford. Below you will find four key sections outlining the different parts of the student journey - Your Responsibilities, Your Services, Your Studies, and Your Student Life.

Your Services

Below you can find helpful links to the wide variety of services you have available to you as a student. This could be everything from Wellbeing and Counselling to askUS, your one-stop shop for all things student support.

  • Accommodation - Our on-campus accommodation and other student accommodation information.
  • askUS - A one-stop shop for all things student support. If you can’t find the answers you need below, talk to askUS.
  • Careers and enterprise - Explore your career options and develop essential employability skills.
  • Digital IT – Find guides for using our systems and log tickets through the Service Portal.
  • Disability Inclusion Service - Our team works with you to ensure you have fair and equal access to your education.
  • Faith - Our on-campus Faith Centre is open to all students and staff, regardless of your beliefs.
  • Health centre and medical services - Look after your physical and mental health with our on-campus health centre.
  • Immigration and visas – Our team can support you with any visa queries and your routes after study.
  • Library - Find academic skills support, study spaces, reading lists and more.
  • Mentoring and leadership - Programmes and opportunities to enhance your personal and professional development.
  • Money advice and funds - Resources to help you get to grips with the costs of being at university and financial support you can get.
  • Report and Support – Where to report it If you experience or witness any form of violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination or hate on campus. Let us know so we can do something about it.
  • Safety and security - Our Security team is available for advice and assistance 24 hours a day.
  • School-based employability support – Your School’s Employability Hub can connect you to valuable opportunities like work placements and internships.
  • Specialist support – Our team can help you access support and resources if you are an estranged student, have caring responsibilities and more.
  • Unitemps – Find temporary and permanent jobs within the university and surrounding businesses.
  • Urgent support - Where to go if you are concerned about the immediate wellbeing and welfare for either yourself or a fellow student.
  • Wellbeing and counselling - Our team can help you succeed by sharing tips for taking care of yourself, or signpost to useful services.
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Your responsibilities

Below you can find helpful links outlining some of the key responsibilities you have as a University of Salford student. Here you can find everything from our student conduct policy to how you deal with attendance or absence during study.

  • Attendance and absence - Expectations of students in terms of attendance, including maximum periods of study and absence.
  • Fees and funding - Information on tuition fees, maintenance loans, funding support, and bursaries.
  • ICT Acceptable Use Policy -  The policy covering the rules and behaviours expected from everyone who uses the University’s IT equipment and systems. 
  • Intellectual Property Policy - The policy dealing with the ownership, protection and commercial exploitation of intellectual property (IP) created by students. 
  • Registration - You must register every year, here you can find information about registering as a returning student.
  • Self-Service Portal - Where you make requests for Personal Mitigating Circumstance (PMC), module transfers, taking a study break, programme transfers, or withdrawal. 
  • Student terms and conditions - These terms and conditions apply to all students who are studying taught or research programmes and set out the provisions that are central to our relationship with you. 

Student conduct 

The expectations of student conduct, and the processes which the University will use to consider instances of inappropriate behaviour. 

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Your Studies

Here you can find key information and course support you may need during your studies to help you achieve your potential. 


Free resources including workshops, 1-1 appointments and programmes to help you develop your academic skills. 

  • Wordscope - A writing programme to help you improve common writing problems like punctuation and sentence structure.
  • LEAP - Learn English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) is a programme designed to help international students with their academic English skills. 
  • Skills - Find more support on this dedicated web page.
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Your Student Life

Here you can find helpful links to help you make the most of your time as a Salford student.

  • Alumni – Explore exclusive benefits and networking opportunities available to you after graduation. 
  • Campus map - A handy map to help you navigate our campuses and find main university buildings.
  • Car parking - Information about car parking locations and charges on campus.
  • Clubs and societies - Where to see the full list of clubs and societies, and how to join them.
  • Explore Salford and Manchester – Read our blogs to find out what you can get up to in the Salford and Manchester area when you’re not studying.  
  • Food outlets and cafes - Information about where to eat and drink on campus. 
  • Inspire – Spend your bursary and shop at our exclusive online store for products to help you during your studies. 
  • Made in Salford – Read blogs from current students, alumni, and staff about life in and around the university and how you can make the most of it.
  • SafeZone - Download the mobile app that provides you with access to emergency assistance, first aid and report incidents and concerns on campus.
  • Spaces on campus - A useful guide to spaces on campus to study, socialise or chill out. 
  • Sports centre - Information about our on-campus sports facilities and how to book.
  • Student Hub - Your one-stop shop for what’s happening at Salford and opportunities available. 
  • Student newsletter - Your weekly student newsletter with the latest events, opportunities, and news.
  • Student representatives - Learn more about the students who represent your academic interests and can change and improve your life at Salford.
  • Students' union – The University of Salford Students' Union - a democratically run charity led by elected student representatives.
  • Student Voice - Provide honest feedback about your university experience through surveys and activities throughout the academic year. 
  • Term dates - Find key term dates including induction week and academic break.
  • Travel - Latest information about travelling to Salford whether you're by train, bus, bike, car, or plane.
  • What’s on – Discover what events and opportunities are coming up.