Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

To create an inspirational, inclusive learning and working environment, celebrating the diversity of our University community in our everyday conversations

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement

At the University of Salford, we are proudly committed to being inclusive. We cherish the diversity of our students, staff and community and above all being fair in all that we do. All of us, staff and students alike, are responsible for ensuring we are actively creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive environment. We make sure that everyone can confidentially express their concerns and we have an institutional responsibility to make sure we can address them.​

Each year we plan what we’re going to improve next, so that we can sustain an environment of social justice and equity where all of us can thrive and celebrate our uniqueness, with our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.​

At our University we treat everyone with respect and that means we will not work with those who bully, harass or discriminate in word or action. This includes any person or organisation that is directly associated to the University making public statements that are hateful, discriminatory or promote inequality.​

As a University we fully encourage freedom of expression, but exercising our freedom needs to be done in a respectful way. We will aim to protect our students and staff from being exposed to views and behaviours that are not respectful and inclusive. We distinguish from this our academic collections and related systems which may contain materials that were historically deemed to be suitable for publication but today are considered discriminatory or offensive. These materials are, however, essential for academic study and research. We will treat colleagues fairly, equitably and with dignity based on their individual needs and the requirements of our organisation.

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Our governance

It’s important that we start with inclusion and many of our strategic goals are around how we build an inclusive culture. Our Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement Committee (IDEC) leads the strategic direction and oversees the activity of the Inclusive Student Experience Action Group (ISEAG) and the Workplace Inclusion Action Group (WIAG).

The goals set out in our EDI strategy are to:  

  1. Embed an inclusive approach to colleague recruitment and the colleague experience, promoting an enabling culture that empowers all our colleagues to fulfil their potential 
  2. Ensure that our approach to student recruitment and the student experience is inclusive and enables all our students to fulfil their potential and make the best career choices in order to recruit, teach and retain diverse students.  
  3. Create an inclusive environment that facilitates and promotes belonging and respect for colleagues, students and the wider community. 

Our equality, diversity and inclusion annual reports

Capture our stories and key data insights:

Download previous years reports:


The University of Salford has formally adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition on antisemitism. The adoption was agreed at a meeting of Council on 11 December 2020, following consultation with Senate and the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Team (VCET).

Adopting the definition as guidance means that the University will have due regard to the IHRA definition as appropriate and take it into consideration when interpreting and understanding antisemitism if, and when, raised in the University context. Our approach in relation to the IHRA definition does not affect the application of equality law and the rights it affords to members of our community or our commitment to provide an environment free from harassment and discrimination.

It also does not affect our legal obligations and the legal rights of our staff and students in relation to freedom of speech and expression, including the ability to discuss and question difficult and sensitive topics, views and opinions, provided that is done responsibly, with respect for others and within the law.

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