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The Business Innovation Services team deliver lasting economic growth for our partners through working collaboratively, whether this is with SMEs to drive innovation, partnerships with large businesses for impactful research and development, or working closely with charities to influence positive change.

Our commitment to the businesses who we work with goes beyond collaboration; it is rooted in the strength of our relationships and the lasting impact of our hard work. This dedication results in the development of long-term partnerships, with individuals and enterprises returning to work with us repeatedly.

Our work with business has seen us contribute significantly to Greater Manchester's transformation into a dynamic and diverse city region with a cultural economic landscape that is shaping the wider world. We are proud of our long history of translating knowledge into applied solutions for a wide range of partners and are committed to supporting long-term economic development and growth regionally, nationally and across the world.

What do our partners say?

Five people stood outside a Vector Home inside Energy House 2.0

“Vector Homes has engaged in valuable activity with the Acoustics, Thermal and Energy House labs. Quite simply, the support we have received has been invaluable to the growth of our business.”

Dr. Liam Britnell, Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Vector Homes


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