Changing your course

Many students change courses. Maybe you are not happy with your course? Or feel you have made a wrong decision or perhaps you need to leave for personal reasons? The one important thing is that you need to work out if it is the right thing for you to do and what to do next.

We can help you do this by offering advice and guidance around issues such as:

  • How to choose a further course
  • Whether changing course will achieve what you want
  • Finding other suitable courses
  • The process of transferring course

There are some very useful pages for course changers on the Graduate Prospects website, which will help you think more deeply about the issues listed above.

Top tips

  1. The earlier on in the academic year you decide you want to change courses, the more likely you are to be able to switch straight on to your course of choice, if there are places available.
  2. If you are sure you want to change on to a different course, speak to the potential course leader/admissions tutor. It will be at their discretion as to whether you can transfer and they will be able to tell you if there is room on the course. Make sure you are clear why you left or are leaving your old course and why you want to be on your potential course.
  3. If you can change courses within the University, you will need to get a transfer form from your new course administrator.
  4. If your course change involves a move to another university you may need to apply through UCAS. It is important to be clear on the method of application. There is further information, advice and guidance available for you to make an informed decision should you feel that transferring to another university is the right option for you. The Student Room provides useful information and a platform for you to ask questions amongst peers to support you.  You will also find links to Student Finance England, Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS), Student Finance Northern Ireland and Student Finance Wales. In addition to this, The Complete University Guide has a lot of useful information to help you complete this process as smoothly as possible.
    If you have any questions regarding your Student Finance, contact the askUS Team on  0161 295 0023 or submit your enquiry to

Speak to a Careers Consultant

If you are considering changing course, or leaving the University before completing your course, you are welcome to discuss your options with a Careers Consultant. The discussion will be both confidential and impartial.

A Careers Consultant will listen to your ideas, help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and skills and assist you in relating all these things to the world of work. You can also book an appointment by calling 0161 295 0023 (option 5).

Appointments are available for current students and graduates of the University of Salford only.

Speak to your school office

If you are clear which course you want to switch onto within the University of Salford, please contact your School Office in the first instance who will be able to advise on the steps you need to take to arrange your course switch.