Letter Requests

Current registered students can request a letter through Advantage. We aim to produce letters within 3-5 working days. Please note, if we need to contact your School to confirm any additional information you require this may add to the time it takes us to produce the letter for you. Once your letter has been produced, we will email it to your University email account.

Before you request your letter, please make sure that your address details are up to date as these will be included on your letter. We have a self-service portal for you to do this that you can access online: University of Salford - Update Your Contact Details. You need your student ID to log in to the self-service portal (e.g., @99999999) and your self-service PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, please use the "Forgotten PIN" button at the bottom of the self-service portal page.

Please note: The University of Salford does not, under any circumstances, issue letters immediately at point of request and we will not guarantee letters can be produced quickly for every circumstance.

Letter types

We offer the following standard types of letter for current registered students:

  • Proof of study - this letter confirms that you are a student at the University of Salford. This is a general purpose letter and can be referred to as a 'to whom it may concern' letter.
  • Proof of study showing tuition fee payments - this letter confirms that you are a student at the University of Salford and how much you have paid/owe in tuition fees. If you require a letter showing your fee amount for next year, please state this in the additional information box.  Alternatively, you can check your tuition fee statements via our online portal.
  • Bank - this letter proves that you are a student at the University of Salford and can be used to open a bank account. Please note some Santander accounts may not require a letter, please check with them before requesting.
  • Council Tax Exemption Certificates - this letter should be provided to your local council to ensure you do not get charged Council Tax. This letter should be given to Council when applying for an exemption. You will, however, receive a copy of this to your student email when you register. Please check there before requesting this certificate. The University of Salford will only issue replacement certificates where students have moved address or those relating to a previous academic year.      
  • Proof of study showing graduation dates - this letter confirms that you are a student at the University of Salford and shows when your Graduation celebration event will be held. This letter can be used to invite relatives and friends to the UK for graduation. Please note: these letters are only available around the Graduation period and are for students who are registered to attend a Graduation Ceremony.
  • Greek national letter - this letter confirms that you are a student at the University of Salford and that your programme is being taught in English and can be used for the Greek Authorities. Please note: for Greek national students only and this letter will be written in English, not Greek.

Requesting a letter (current students)

  • Log in to the Advantage system using your current network username and password in order to request a letter.
  • If you cannot remember your username or password, please contact Digital IT on +44 (0)161 295 2444 or email digital-itservicedesk@salford.ac.uk.
  • You will need to carefully read the types of letter offered and the academic year you wish your letter to relate to before clicking the ‘request a letter’ button.

Students on interruption or who have withdrawn

If you are on an interruption of study, you will have already received an interruption letter. If you wish for this letter to be reprinted, please contact sa-tuitionfees@salford.ac.uk.

If you have withdrawn from a programme of study, you will automatically receive a letter confirming your dates of study. If you have any issues, please contact askUS@salford.ac.uk

English Language Programme Students (ELP)

Please ensure that you do not request a letter in place of a CAS Reference Number for your new course. In these cases, please contact salford-cas@salford.ac.uk.

Letters for accommodation charges

If you live in Campus Living Villages accommodation (Peel Park Quarter, John Lester or Eddie Colman Court), please contact your CLV site office for a statement of account.

Former students and graduates

Former students need to order an academic confirmation letter from our online shop.

If you have graduated from the University, you can request an Academic Confirmation Letter detailing your award for a charge of £10 from the online shop. Please note these letters will take 10 working days to process for 2007 onwards and 20 working days for 2006 or earlier requests.

For enquiries relating to studies in 2006 and earlier, please contact Student Records on +44 (0) 161 295 0023 (selecting option 5, option 2) or email sa-studentrecords@salford.ac.uk

For enquiries relating to studies from 2007 onwards, please contact askUS on +44 (0) 161 295 0023 (selecting option 4, option 1) or email askUS@salford.ac.uk