Collaborative R&D

Student setting up an experiment in the anechoic chamber, University of Salford

We use our expertise to work with partners to drive forward business innovation. Our collaborative partnership approach is designed to address the frustrations that businesses face when they have innovative ideas but lack the internal expertise and/or funding to make it happen. 

As a university, we are able to draw upon the expertise of over 1,000 leading specialists. For projects that require a multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to involve academics from different fields to provide advice tailored exactly to the needs of the business.

Collaborative grant applications

The university also works with partners to develop collaborative grant applications. This includes projects led by business to funders such as Innovate UK, as well as those led by the university to research councils. Where the business leads the project, the university provides the latest academic insights to support a piece of wider innovation and development being driven by the business. For projects led by the university, the business partner provides guidance and insights on the latest issues facing industry to help inform the research programme.


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