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Alumni and friends of the University have been supporting our fundraising efforts since 2004, supporting students and projects across different areas of the University to enable us to offer a world class student experience.

The success of these projects is thanks to lots of donors giving what they can. Each year donations made by graduates, friends and staff of the University help countless students take advantage of all that a Salford education has to offer.

Now you can get involved and help make a difference.

Thanks to you

Over £1.5m has been generously donated and pledged in the last year to support a range of causes across campus, from scholarships to community outreach projects and developing our world-class facilities.

Six ways your donations made a difference


£32,000 has been generously donated via legacies or in memory of a loved one. This year we opened the university’s first legacy garden, to commemorate those who have remembered the University in this way.


With thanks to our Friends of Energy House 2.0, in 2022 we raised a total of £120,000. £60,000 of the funds raised went towards the Impact Fund. The other half of the funding was awarded to a PhD.


In 2023, we raised almost £300,000. £95,000 will go towards the Impact Fund, £170,000 will be spent on two PhDs, and the remainder will be spent on scholarships across a range of programmes.


Nearly £10,000 has been donated to support women in STEM, including the Gittins Engineering Scholarship which supports 3 women who wish to pursue a career in the STEM industry.


10 student focused projects launched through the Revive Grants and Salford Advantage Fund Grants, including: Creative Encounters, Identifying Reasons - Mental Health, STEM Future Leaders and more.


Through our partnership with IntoUniversity, thanks to our donors, we have raised nearly £400,000, which is estimated to benefit over 1,000 local school pupils a year who aspire to attend university.

Read about the students, campus and community, arts and culturehealth and science projects and choose to make either a single or regular gift. 100% of your donation will directly support the area you chose to support.

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Alternatively, you can allow us to direct your support to where it is needed the most by choosing to either make a single gift, or making a regular gift to the Greatest Need Fund. 

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Gifts of £250 or more to the university can be acknowledged with a range of naming opportunities on campus.

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