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Alumni and friends of the university have been supporting our fundraising efforts since 2004, supporting students and projects across different areas of the university to enable us to offer a world class student experience.

The success of these projects is thanks to lots of donors giving what they can. Each year donations made by graduates, friends and staff of the university help countless students take advantage of all that a Salford education has to offer. Thanks to you, over £1.5m has been generously donated and pledged in the last year to support a range of causes across campus, from scholarships to community outreach projects and developing our world-class facilities.

Now you can get involved and help make a difference.

Why donate?

The funding structure of a university is complicated. Traditional sources of funding don’t reach all sorts of important projects that have a tremendous impact on students, on our community and the wider world. That’s why we need your help – whether you are able to support us with £3 per month, or a gift that can transform our campus – our strength is through working together.

However you choose to support us, your donation will make a big difference to what we can achieve. Read about the causes you can donate to below and choose to make either a single or regular gift. 100% of your donation will directly support the area you chose to support.

Make a regular gift

Alternatively, you can allow us to direct your support to where it is needed the most by choosing to either make a single gift, or making a regular gift to the Greatest Need Fund. 

Make a single gift

Change lives at the University of Salford by making a single gift to one of the causes mentioned above.

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Gifts of £250 or more to the university can be acknowledged with a range of naming opportunities on campus.

Find out more about naming opportunities.