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Your support can help us here at the University of Salford to make an impact across campus and also out in the wider community. For examples of the projects we currently run, read below.


Getting a job. Students are increasingly aware that employers look for more than good grades when recruiting to their workforce in today’s challenging job market. Employers expect graduates to have a well-rounded university experience including plenty of opportunities for personal development outside of the core activities of teaching and research. Sadly, university budgets are often unable to cover opportunities that are designed exclusively to enrich student’s CVs.   

Our Campus Initiatives fund is entirely funded by alumni, donors and friends, and seeks to provide grants of up to £5,000 to student-centric projects that not only benefit the student experience, but also provide the participants and beneficiaries with graduate skills that will enrich their CV and career prospects after graduation. Past beneficiaries of the Campus Initiatives fund have gone on roles in their chosen sector, and credit the experience that they had running a project with Campus Initiatives’ support as instrumental in being set up for success in an application for that role. Please read on to learn about some of the fantastic projects that we have funded in recent years. 

Campus Safety

The aim of this project was to enhance safety and security for campus users through the purchase of two electronically assisted bikes, equipped with a defibrillator and first aid equipment. 

The bikes meant that the security team have been able to extend their range of patrol and significantly increase response time. By increasing visibility across campus, this project also enhances the ability of the security team to keep students safe. 

Occupational Therapy Conference 

Funding from Campus Initiatives allowed students from the school of Health and Society to organize a one-day conference, offering a range of conferences, presentations and seminars exploring contemporary occupational therapy practice. 

Students involved in the running of the conference were able to gain a range of skills in planning and marketing. The conference itself also prepared students for employment by creating networking opportunities with industry professionals and maximizing the potential for real world learning. 

Mentoring Scheme for Female Students 

Proposed by the Salford University Business School, the aim of this project was to connect female undergraduate students to female mentors within industry. The scheme successfully matched 20 students with mentors, helping them to network within industry, make connections and gain useful career advice as they make the transition from education into the world of work. 


Our school days. The time that we spend at school is widely regarded as our formative years. It is when we learn not only lots of lessons in the classroom, but also make decisions about our future, and learn about practical responsibilities we have once we enter the adult world. But what would happen if you didn’t have a support network to learn these life lessons from? Inspiring Salford is the University’s project that aims to unlock the possibilities of higher education to school students in the community. 

This year’s Inspiring Salford initiative, Success4Life, is the next step in the University’s mission in championing the experience of young people in the care of their local authority. This eight-week programme aims to equip young people with life skills that might not be shared with participants through any other channels. The initiative, open to looked after children, includes taster session in money management and budgeting, as well as conquering their fears – all within a university environment.  

Thanks to Success4Life, social workers and foster carers who have nominated young people to attend have seen a significant difference in the young people’s approach to learning and breaking down perceived barriers – with many young people citing that thanks to the programme, they see higher education as a possibility in their academic futures. 


This project is the most rewarding that we get to deliver during the year. It’s great to see the development of the learners as they progress through the project and the confidence they gain as a result. They go from quiet, shy and unassuming children to outgoing, happy and confident young people, ready to take on the world! 

Carl Gleeson – Project Lead for Success4Life

To make a regular gift to Campus Initiatives or Inspiring Salford, follow the link below, or feel free to give us a call to discuss supporting student success. 


The University's mission as an educational institution means that it is keen to provide a supportive context in which all students and staff of any belief system, religious, philosophical and cultural background, can explore new ideas and experiences; and engage critically with each other in a safe and respectful learning environment.

The purpose-made centre is open to everyone and offers unique spaces for group worship, private prayer, personal reflection, social activities, pastoral support and relaxation right here on campus.

The Faith Centre reflects the University’s continuing commitment to support the student experience, and our extensive faith-based facilities are a rare gem for UK universities.  It offers a unique space for those of faith or who follow a religion, those who are questioning / seeking / agnostic or prefer not to define their spirituality in a specific way, and those who are not religious or have no faith, and to build positive relationships between all groups.

We want to make sure that this space of sanctuary is available for future generations of Salford students, friends and members of the community.