Our Expertise

Man demonstrating a robotic arm

The University of Salford's expertise has long been a catalyst for transformational change and real-world impact. Insights developed at the University have been an integral part of Greater Manchester’s evolution into a diverse city region with a rich economic and cultural landscape that is shaping the wider world.

Our Expertise

Research and Knowledge Exchange Centres

Our interdisciplinary Research and Knowledge Exchange Centres bring together experts from across the University to address current global challenges relating to technology, health and wellbeing, urban and natural environments, and resilience and creativity in society.

Our Expertise

Research Excellence

Our ability to blend real-world experience with cutting-edge research propels us forward as unstoppable innovators committed to achieving long-lasting impact and a more prosperous world. The quality of our work is demonstrated by the range of our research achievements, as well as our performance in assessments such as the Research Excellence Framework.


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