North of England Robotics Innovation Centre

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A beacon for the university’s robotics and automation specialisms

The North of England Robotics Innovation Centre (NERIC) is a focal point of the university’s commitment to industry collaboration, innovation, and skills in an established and continually expanding area of expertise. NERIC provides a hub which adds value to the university and Greater Manchester’s technical infrastructure.

Serving as a hub for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to design, test and validate innovation in a rapidly growing area, NERIC offers these companies a one-stop shop for developing and applying robotics and automation alongside other innovative digital technologies in their business. NERIC also offers SMEs access to a purpose-built facility, specialist equipment and innovation support services that support new and, improved applications and products to be taken forward.

Areas of research

Student operating equipment in the NERIC Building at the University of Salford

NERIC’s focus key areas include robotics for intelligent infrastructure, digital automation, and supply chain improvement.

Working across a range of sectors including robotics and automation, the requirements of net zero, healthcare technologies, vehicle automation and the development of smart cities.

In line with the university’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, NERIC is an all-electric building.

North of England Robotics Innovation Centre

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