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The University of Salford supports a number of scholarships and projects within our Arts and Culture offer, you can find out more below.


At the University of Salford, we recognise that the transition between training and employment following graduation is an extremely difficult period for many performing artists. Financial and time pressures during the first twelve months after graduation can mean that performance graduates are unable to continue to develop their practice and professional networks. All too often this means talented graduates must compromise or abandon their practice all together. To address this, we have listened to performance graduates and developed a package of support, particularly suited to graduating performance-based students.

With your help, the new Performance Graduate Scholarship Programme will allow recent performance graduates the money, time and resources to experiment and take risks with their creative practice within a supportive framework, with a £3,000 package of financial support. The programme is designed to provide recent graduates with an opportunity to develop their skills and professional experience, and includes: a professional development award; practice space in the New Adelphi building; access to mentoring and coaching from professional artists; and a showcase of their performance piece in a New Adelphi Theatre space.

Funded thanks to the generosity of alumni, supporters and friends, the University can offer development opportunities otherwise unavailable to many following graduation. This fund can be the difference between an artist being able to continue to pursue their professional dreams – regardless of circumstance – or having to put those dreams on hold and not fulfil their potential. We want to ensure that we can be there for our talented students as they venture into the professional world. 


The Library. Many of us have spent endless hours in a library, getting lost in the world of academia, knowledge and enrichment. A well-equipped library is essential to supporting student endeavours, but how does a traditional library diversify their offer and become flexible to a growing student population and changing ways in which students learn? 

This year, we are delighted to support the University’s library with their electronic resources. After the completion of renovations to the Clifford Whitworth Library to support a greater number of students, there is the opportunity to grow their electronic offer. As many students undertake part time/distance learning courses, or commute into university, this essential growth of the library catalogue that can be accessed offsite will be instrumental in supporting student success. As e-books can be accessed anywhere in the world, and can be accessed by multiple users at a time, students can complete their assignments whenever and wherever they are most productive. With help from our supporters, we will be able to unlock the possibilities of academia to greater numbers.