Knowledge Transfer Partnership and Industry PhD

Human Performance Laboratory

Partner with our academics to deliver a step change in business process and productivity via a KTP or Industry PhD project. 

We were one of the first universities to pilot the forerunner to the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme when it launched in 1975 and have continued to be at the cutting edge of how businesses and academics can work together for the last 50 years. 

Our KTP and Industry PhD projects have delivered business improvements across local firms in Greater Manchester, national industry partners, and international organisation. We are able to tailor our expertise to any sector or size of business, with a dedicated support team who manage the project for you.

Did you know?

Student with laptop in discussion with academic
  • We have delivered over 120 KTP and industry PhD projects over the last 20 years
  • Our KTP projects have generated a projected return on investment of over 600%
  • Over 95% of our KTPs achieve funding from Innovate UK
  • 1 in 7 of our full-time PhD students are part of our Industry PhD scheme

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

A KTP is a grant funded project that offers a three-way collaboration between the business, the University and a graduate Associate who is employed to work on developing a solution to an individual company’s specific needs.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The KTP programme is intended to bring new capabilities to a business or organisation in order to solve a problem that is unique to your company.

While essentially providing access to academic knowledge, a KTP offers much more. In addition to gaining the specific knowledge that a company requires, we recruit a graduate Associate to work specifically on the task of bringing a new capability into the business and ensuring that it is fully embedded and works for everyone in the organisation.

Normally lasting two to three years and with funding from Innovate UK to cover a significant portion of the project’s costs (between 50-75% depending on your company’s size), this collaborative approach not only accelerates the pace of innovation but also ensures that the resulting projects are well-grounded in both theoretical and practical applicability.

Industry PhD

We have used our expertise in KTP delivery to launch our own industry PhD scheme which allows businesses to set the direct on of one of our research degree projects.  

These projects see a student recruited and supported via joint funding from both the business and the university to deliver a new piece of cutting-edge research. If a three year PhD project is not suitable for your needs, we also run a shorter industry masters scheme. 

The companies involved gain a competitive advantage by benefiting from new research insights specifically aligned to their most pressing innovation challenges, whilst also supporting the development of the next generation of researchers.


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