Helping a digital agency prove its value

How can digital agencies prove the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns they run for their clients?

This was the question the team at Fast Web Media wanted to answer through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Salford Business School.

Fast web media

Information about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

The Problem

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, Fast Web Media was experienced in all aspects of digital brand development, advertising, design and digital marketing but had limited in-house experience to develop a Digital Campaign Management Tool (DCMT). 

The project goal was to create a software tool that would formalise existing marketing campaign indicators, bringing them into a solution that effectively provided real life, holistic campaign information. The tool could then be sold by Fast Web Media as a commercial product to its clients.

Our Solution

Our academic expertise enabled us to employ rigorous quantitative data analysis methods to the development of the DCMT. Combined with agile software development processes this brought a degree of verifiable academic rigour to the resultant tool. 

The KTP also allowed the company to experiment with Bluetooth LE and its practical applications for Digital Advertising. 

“Through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Fast Web Media has been able to enhance the way we monitor and respond to user data in multi-platform, multichannel digital campaigns for our clients, using analysis methods with sound academic backing to help gain a deeper understanding of analytics, and add value to projects. Working in partnership with Salford Business School gives Fast Web Media a different perspective, and an approach to analysis that adds an extra dimension.” 
Mike Flynn, CEO Fast Web Media