Communication Guide

Student email

It is essential you check your student email account regularly as this is the primary form of communication used by the University. Your tutors and Programme Leader will communicate with you when appropriate through your student email account and through Blackboard. Sometimes your School Office might send you important letters and messages through your student email account, this includes your ratified (confirmed) results.

You will also get more general communications from askUS about opportunities, activities and important University announcements.

Social media

We have specific social media channels for current students - @uos_students.

Student newsletter and other emails

You will receive a student newsletter most weeks from askUS throughout term-time. The newsletter contains important information, news, opportunities and announcements and is sent to your student email account.

We will also send you news bulletins from time to time through your student email account, whenever there is an especially important message.

Your contact details

It is important that you keep your contact details including your address and mobile phone number up to date on our records. In emergency cases – for example, if part or all of the University is closed for any reason – we may send you an SMS message to your mobile phone.