Our fundraising complaints procedure

We, at the University of Salford, aim to deliver a high-quality and professional supporter and alumni experience.  Where we do not meet our own high standards or yours, we want to hear from you so we can improve our service.

We welcome feedback and take complaints very seriously.  We treat them as an opportunity to learn and develop.  When you contact us with a complaint, we will listen to what you say, keep you informed of our progress, provide you with a prompt response and tell you who to contact if you want to escalate your complaint further.

There may be occasions where we choose not to respond to a complaint or feedback. Such instances include:

  • where a complaint does not relate to something the Alumni Engagement and Development team has done or that we are in a position to comment on (however we will pass this on to the relevant department). Where this is the case we will tell you to whom your complaint has been forwarded.
  • where it is abusive or it is harassing a staff member.
  • where the complaint was resolved at the time and requires no further action.
  • where you have indicated you do not wish to receive a response.

Whilst anonymous complaints cannot be responded to they will still be investigated.

The University of Salford is registered with the Fundraising Regulator who ensure good fundraising practice in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We commit to their Code of Fundraising Practice and Fundraising Promise.  We monitor the number of complaints we receive, review our learnings and we will share this information with the Fundraising Regulator on request.


What you need to do

How to contact us

If you would like to share your feedback and have a complaint or a concern about the University’s fundraising or alumni engagement practices, please contact us within 3 months at the following. We will consider complaints made outside of this timeframe, however, if more than 3 months have passed since the matter it may not be possible for us to investigate effectively.

What information we need from you

  • Your name and contact details (if you would like a response)
  • Details of your concern including the date/s
  • If you have a preferred contact method, i.e. email, phone or post

What we will do

Stage one

We will seek to acknowledge your complaint within two working days* when you will be given the name and contact details of the person investigating your complaint.  

We will come back to you with a resolution within 15 working days of receiving your complaint.  We will inform you about what happened and why and explain any changes we have made to our processes as a result of this investigation.  

If we are not able to resolve your complaint within 15 working days we will contact to tell you why and we will tell you when we will have a resolution by.

Stage two

If you are not satisfied with the resolution, we have provided at stage one please respond to us outlining why.  Your complaint will then be escalated to the Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment and External Relations.  It will be acknowledged by them within five working days.

The Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment and External Relations will then investigate your complaint and the reasons you were not satisfied with the initial response.  Within 20 working days of the escalation they will contact you with the outcome of their review, outlining their findings about the cause of your complaint, the initial investigation and the original resolution.  

Stage three

Following the response from the Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment and External Relations if you are not satisfied with the outcome, please contact the Fundraising Regulator.  The Fundraising Regulator requires that you do this within two months of receiving our final response.

The Fundraising Regulator can be contacted at

* Based on the University’s normal operating calendar.

Complaints about the University or University Policy

If you are a current student and have a complaint about the university or a university policy please refer to the Student Complaints Procedure.