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Be aware of essay mills

Essay mills (organisations that sell essays and assessments) target students via email and social media by offering writing support. Essay mills are illegal and using them is plagiarism, which is a serious breach of our Academic Misconduct Procedure. Do not respond if these companies target you. Instead, report the email to our Digital IT team via Outlook or directly on social media (for being illegal) and block the sender.

Need academic support?

You're not expected to know everything during your studies. There will be times when you need support with your learning. Whether you need guidance on university assessments or skill development there are resources for you. Remember, plagiarism isn't the answer. Find the right support on the Skills website.

Study and Research Support

Academic Skills Workshops

Screenshot of the academic skills workshops portal showing four topic blocks: study and research, IT and digital, maths and numeracy and Library welcome.

Elevate your skills and knowledge with us!

We offer a wide range of academic skills workshops delivered online and in-person on campus. This is a great place to start if you want to:

  • Improve your study and research skills.
  • Develop your IT and digital skills.
  • Focus on your maths and numeracy.

Workshops are added regularly, so keep checking back to see what's new!

Academic Skills Appointments

Screenshot of the appointments portal showing three topics: study skills, research skills and maths and numeracy.

If you have checked out the support on this site and would still like specialist help with your academic, information finding or numeracy skills you can request a one-to-one appointment. We offer appointments on campus (face-to-face) and online.