Finding information

Developing good information searching skills can help save you time and help you get results that are most relevant to help expand your subject knowledge and complete your university work. It will help you to think critically and solve problems in the workplace, remain industry aware, enhance your digital skills and contribute to your life-long learning journey.

What is academic information?

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In What is academic information, you will learn about the difference between good quality academic sources and other sources, tools and strategies you can use to find information for your studies and develop current awareness in your subject area.

Estimated duration is 20 minutes.

Introduction to Library Search

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In Introduction to Library Search you will learn about how to select keywords and create search strategies to find information efficiently, how to locate the materials in the Library and how to analyse search results and select the relevant items to explore.

Estimated duration is 10 minutes.

Make the most of Library Search

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In Make the most of Library Search you will learn about a variety of built-in tools that are available in Library Search and how they can help you with your research, how to use Library Search to search for academic information, how to use Library Search to organise information, set alerts and save resources and how Library Search can help with referencing.

Estimated duration is 20 minutes.

Evaluating sources

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In Evaluating Sources you will learn about appraising and evaluating the information you find to check for issues of Credibility, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose.

Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Use your e-Library

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In Use your eLibrary you will learn about how to find an electonic book or journal article using Library Search, what the Library Access tool is and how to use it, why reading lists are important and how to access them and how to stay connected with the Library through social media, Library Chat and videos.

Estimated duration is 20 minutes.