This information is about registration for returning students. If you are a new student, visit the registration webpage on our Welcome site. Registration for students returning in September 2023 opens in late August. You will receive an email when you need to register.

Registration provides us with key data to help us ensure we have your up-to-date details and to confirm you are studying this academic year. Registering means you will maintain full access to your IT and library accounts, including your student email account, Office365, Blackboard, Advantage, printing and building access (if applicable).

You must register as a student every year, even if you are a distance learner or will be based at a partner institution. Registration also applies to you if you are on placement, away on data collection, retaking a year or returning from an interruption of study.

FAQs for September returners who haven't yet registered

I have received my email but I haven’t registered yet. When do I need to do this by?

Please register as soon as you are able. Deadlines are as follows:

  • University of Salford students: on Friday 29 September 2023
  • Robert Kennedy College (RKC) students and other partner colleges: on Friday 13 October 2023

After these dates, you will be withdrawn from your course, lose access to our systems and you won’t receive any Student Finance funding (if you are eligible and have applied).

What happens if I don’t register before my deadline?

  • You will be withdrawn from your course. You will then need to seek permission from your school to be registered late, which takes additional time and diverts our resources away from supporting other students with administrative, pastoral care and other support
  • You will lose access to our student systems like Blackboard
  • You won’t receive any Student Finance funding (if you are eligible and have applied)

I haven’t received my registration email yet. What do I do?

You may not have received a registration email for a few reasons. It could be:

  • You haven’t technically passed your previous year of study due to assessment resubmissions or another factor
  • The email has landed in your junk or spam folder
  • You are part of a different intake period and don't need to register yet

Please fill out this form to let us know that you’ve not received an email and we can advise you on the next steps.

I need help with the process. Can someone help me register?

You’ll find a written guide to the registration process under these questions. If you need someone to help you register, please contact us as soon as possible by contacting the Registration team:

  • Use the live chat on this webpage (Monday to Thursday: 08:00-20:00; Friday: 08:00-17:00; Saturday 12:00-18:00)
  • Email
  • Call +44 (0)161 295 0023 (option 3, option 1) (Monday to Thursday: 08:00-20:00; Friday: 08:00-17:00; Saturday 12:00-18:00)
  • Visiting askUS in University House (Monday to Friday. 08:00-17:00 at University House; 10:00-16:00 at MediaCity)

I haven’t registered because I have been experiencing personal problems. Where can I find support?

Please reach out to askUS for any support you need with your mental, financial, physical or spiritual wellbeing. We have multiple teams of experts here to support you and we can provide you with an understanding of the support we can provide and the different options you have. Have this conversation sooner rather than later so we can get you the support you need as soon as possible.

You can contact askUS by your preferred method (email, live chat, phone or visit in-person) for support:

  • Use the live chat on the askUS website (Monday to Thursday: 08:00-20:00; Friday: 08:00-17:00; Saturday 12:00-18:00)
  • Email
  • Call +44 (0)161 295 0023 (Monday to Thursday: 08:00-20:00; Friday: 08:00-17:00; Saturday 12:00-18:00)
  • Visit askUS in University House (Monday to Friday. 08:00-17:00 at University House; 10:00-16:00 at MediaCity)

You can also use our self-service information on our Wellbeing and Counselling pages or find immediate support on our Urgent Problems page.

I want to take a break from study or withdraw. What do I do?

Let us know if you want to take a break / pause (interrupt) your studies or withdraw. Read through our information on our Interruptions, Transfers and Withdrawals page, first then advise us what you'd like to do through the self-service portal linked on that page.

The registration process

We will send you an email when registration opens with a link to the online portal and your registration portal login details. This email will be sent approximately four to six weeks before your course recommences. To complete registration you will need to:

  • Have passed your previous year of study
  • Check and update the information and contact details we have saved for you
  • Confirm your Right to Study in the UK (all students with a nationality outside of the United Kingdom or dual nationality)
  • Confirm how you will pay your tuition fees for the next academic year (if you don't already have funding currently in place)

Note: We offer programmes in collaboration with a number of partner institutions across the world and, as such, registration processes may vary. If you are unsure about registration and whether the process differs for you, please contact your home institution in the first instance.

Registration dates and deadlines

Registration opens for all returning September intake students in late August 2023. You will receive an email to both your personal and student email accounts when you are eligible to register.

For University of Salford students

You need to register once per academic year, based on when your course first started. For example, if you started study in September 2022, you need to re-register before the start of Trimester 1 in September 2023. If you started your course in January 2023, you need to re-register before the start of Trimester 2 in January 2024.

You should aim to register before your course resumes. You will only be able to register if you have passed your previous year's study. If for any reason you feel you will face a delay in registering, you should contact your school office (for taught programmes) or contact your research administrator (for research programmes) as soon as possible to advise of your circumstances.

  • You should register before the start of Trimester 1. Trimester 1 for the 2023-24 academic year commences on 18 September 2023.
  • You MUST register by the end of Week 2 (Friday 29 September 2023). After this point you need approval from your school and risk being withdrawn from your course.

Note: there may be a delay in getting your record ready if you are awaiting the results of an exam board. You should contact your school office if you are concerned.

For students at our partner institutions

You must register with the University of Salford before Friday 13 October 2023. We recommend registering much earlier than this date to ensure that you have plenty of time left to receive any assistance you need. You may also need to re-register with your institution – they will send you information about this.

Video showing how to register as a new student