Registration is a process that happens every year for students. It enables your access to our IT and learning systems and allows us to gather the crucial administrative information we need from you as a Salford student. If you are a student with one of our partner institutions, you must also register online with the University of Salford even if you have registered with your other institution. 

Here we will guide you through the steps to complete registration - read all the information carefully before you begin. It’s important that you register promptly and before your inductionThis is to ensure you start your programme on time and don’t experience a delay in receiving any funding you have applied for (if eligible). Please note our deadlines further down the page.

Quick tip: You don’t need to register until we send you an invitation to register (via email) with your student ID and PIN.

The registration process

The registration system will guide you through all the steps you need to take, but there is a summary of the process in the table below. Find your student type (e.g., Home (UK/Ireland), International, distance learner, partner institution) and follow the steps in that column. You can find more information in our FAQs.

The online registration process differs dependent on what type of student you are, but it takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes. You do not need to complete the entire registration process at once (but we recommend you do this if you are able to). You can save your progress and come back to it if you need to check details or add further information.

All students need to have the following on hand to start the registration process: your student ID and PIN (you are emailed this when you are eligible to register), your personal details (i.e. date of birth, address, nationality, emergency contacts), information about how you will be paying your tuition fees (if applicable) and, for most students, a passport-style photograph for your student ID. See the table below for additional information.

Please note, the table below details major parts of the registration process but may not reflect the order of steps within the registration system. If you have any questions about registration, visas, funding or your offer, please visit our FAQs page.

Major parts of the registration process Home (UK/Ireland)
studying on-campus
studying on-campus
Distance learner
(inc. split-site)
All partner institutions
(including RKC)
Log in to the online portal using your student ID and PIN
Upload a passport-quality photo ✓^
Set a password for your IT account (and take a screenshot of this information)
Confirm your right to study*   ✓**  
Book and attend an International Check-In appointment to provide your immigration documents to the University      
Check/update your personal information
Read/accept the University’s terms and conditions
Confirm how you will pay your tuition fees and arrangement payment (if applicable)  
Check all details and complete the registration process

^ Students from Robert Kennedy College (RKC) only

* If you are an international student (including European students) or have a nationality outside of the United Kingdom and are studying on campus, you may be required to provide the University with your immigration documents at a face-to-face appointment. This does not apply to Distance Learners. For further information please visit our Visa and Immigration pages.

** Only for students studying as split-site students (i.e. completing part of your studies on campus)


Registration dates and deadlines

Registration opens for all new students on 22 August 2022. We recommend that all students are registered by 12 September 2022 to ensure you have access to University systems before your induction activities start. Please note more specific deadlines below.

    Registration dates and deadlines

    All University of Salford students (excluding degree apprenticeship students)

    22 August: registration opens

    11 September: our recommended registration deadline

    • You should ensure you are registered by this date where at all possible as your induction activities will require you to have access to our University systems
    • In order to get your Student Loan Company (SLC) funding for the first day of teaching, you will need to have completed registration on or before 12 September, provided it has been approved by SLC

    12 September: Welcome Week and induction activities commence

    19 September: first official week of teaching

    30 September: the last date you can register without needing an exception from your School

    If for any reason you feel you will be unable to register on time, you should contact your School Office or Research Administrator as soon as possible for advice.

    Degree apprenticeship students

    You must be registered before Thursday 15 September 2022 to have access to systems for your “Learning on Day One” activity. If you do not complete this activity, you will be non-compliant in meeting the government’s ESFA (Education Skills Funding Agency) funding regulations.  If you do not register promptly, you will have to contact the apprenticeship team to arrange access to this service and re-schedule your "Learning On Day One" activity.

    Students with partner institutions

    You have until Friday 14 October 2022 to register with the University of Salford. Please note, the remaining information on this page is for University of Salford students only.

    Once you have registered

    Once you have registered, you will receive access to our I.T. systems, your student email will be generated and your student ID card will be printed. If you are a student with a partner institution, please note that the remaining information on this page is for University of Salford students only.

    After registration

    Access to Salford systems

    Only once you have completed all registration steps will you have full access to your student email account and our learning systems. You must have completed registration before academic induction to be able to access these systems during your induction period. Please also read our guide for using Salford systems before you start.

    Your student ID card

    Once you have fully completed the registration process you are able to obtain your student ID card.* In most cases, you will need to book a drop-in slot to pick your student ID up from campus from Monday 12 September. We will provide you with information on how to do this in August.

    *You will not receive a student ID card if you are a student with one of our partner institutions.

    UK/Ireland students

    • Completed the registration process on or before 6 September: your student ID card will be posted to your term-time address.
    • Completed the registration process on or after 7 September: you will need to collect your student ID card from Monday 12 September.

    International students

    You will be able to collect your student ID card from Monday 12 September once you have completed the registration process. If you are waiting to complete the registration process after the start of term (19 September 2022), please be assured that you can attend your scheduled academic sessions without your student ID card.

    Your timetable

    Your timetable will be published at the end of August. We email you when timetables are released, so keep an eye on your inbox.

    Registration questions and trouble-shooting

    University of Salford campus

    If you have any questions about registration, visas, funding or your offer, please visit our FAQs page.

    Lost your Student ID or PIN? You can find your student ID number and PIN in your welcome email and/or text message. This is sent out approximately 6 weeks before your course commencement date. Not received anything yet? Let us know.

    If you are an international student, you can find extra information to help you in your Welcome Guide and in our guide to registration for international students, which explains the steps involved with registration and support with completing registration online.

    Please still complete registration if your course has changed and you are awaiting the outcome of an appeal. We will be in touch with you shortly with further information.