Results letters

Your results letter will be sent to you via your student email account when the Assessment Board has met to consider your assessment results. The letter will provide a summary of information about the assessments you have taken, either within the last academic year or the last trimester. We provide guidance about information included in your letter below.


Towards the top of your letter, there will be an overall decision about whether or not you can progress to the next year/level of your course or the classification you have achieved. This decision can be found in a section entitled 'Your Results'.

Reassessments and retakes

If you have failed some assessments, you may be required to be reassessed in those assessments or to retake the module.

  • Reassessment: a reassessment refers to your second attempt and will result in a capped mark for the assessment of 40% (Undergraduate) or 50% (Postgraduate).
  • Retake: a retake refers to your third attempt. If you are required to retake a module, you will need to attend all classes again and take all assessments for the module. The module will be capped at the pass mark of 40% (Undergraduate) or 50% (Postgraduate). Retake modules are normally subject to payment of a fee. You will not have a further resit opportunity if you are retaking a module. You must re-register at your designated time depending on your intake. If your fees are being paid by your employer or sponsor, please remember to submit an updated sponsor letter ahead of re-registration.

If you are unsure about whether or not you have any reassessments or retakes, please make sure that you contact your School Office as soon as you receive your letter so that you can check.


If your letter advises that you have been awarded compensation, this means that whilst you may not have achieved the pass mark for a module, you have been awarded the credits for the module. Compensation can only be awarded if the failure is a marginal failure and the failure is offset by good performance elsewhere on the course. The University’s Academic Regulations provide further information about criteria for the award of compensation.  

If you have been awarded compensation, you are permitted to be reassessed on any modules that have been compensated in the next reassessment period (as long as you have not exhausted the number of attempts permitted by the regulations).

You are also permitted to retake any modules that have been compensated in the next academic year (as long as you have not exhausted the number of attempts permitted by the regulations). You should note that reassessments/retakes may involve stepping off the course, i.e. not progressing.


If any module on your results letter is marked with an 'R', this means that this is a reassessment/retake mark.

If you have the code 'NS' against an assessment, this is a non-submission and means that you did not submit or attend the assessment.

Academic appeals

An academic appeal is a way of asking the University to review a decision taken by the Assessment Board or the Postgraduate Research Awards Board (PRAB).  You can only appeal decisions taken by the Assessment Board or PRAB at this point and not for historical decisions taken by an earlier Board.