Bank holiday opening hours

Most University buildings are closed on bank holidays. Some of our available services and support also change. For details about upcoming bank holidays and changes to our facilities and services, please see below.

Upcoming bank holidays


Bank holiday Date
Good Friday (Easter weekend) Friday 29 March
Easter Monday (Easter weekend) Monday 1 April
Early May bank holiday Monday 6 May
Spring bank holiday Monday 27 May
Summer bank holiday Monday 26 August
Christmas Day Wednesday 25 December
Boxing Day Thursday 26 December


Bank holiday Date
New Year's Day Wednesday 1 January
Good Friday (Easter weekend) Friday 18 April
Easter Monday (Easter weekend) Monday 21 April
Early May bank holiday Monday 5 May
Spring bank holiday Monday 26 May
Summer bank holiday Monday 25 August
Christmas Day Thursday 25 December
Boxing Day Friday 26 December

Bank holiday opening hours

Most University buildings are closed on bank holidays. Some of our available services and support also change. For services that normally open on weekends, please see details below.

If the service you are looking for is not listed below, it is closed during bank holidays and does not usually offer services on weekends. You can still access our digital resources and self-serve information on our website.

Bank holiday opening hours

Building access

Most campus buildings are closed - with the exception of Clifford Whitworth Library. See details below.

If you are a postgraduate research student who needs to access labs in Cockcroft or Newton, you can make direct arrangements with your school.

Please make sure you bring your student ID card with you as any available buildings will be on swipe access only. 

Ensure you have downloaded SafeZone for any urgent updates or security needs.

The Library

Clifford Whitworth Library is open 24/7 for all study needs, however:

  • There is limited Library staffing in the space during bank holidays from 08:00 to 21:00 and Security staff the space between 21:00 and 08:00
  • Regarding the Easter weekend, Library staffing will be limited from Good Friday, returning to normal services on the following Tuesday
  • Doors are on swipe card (student ID) access during the evenings (as usual)
  • Business and access resumes as usual on the next working day - see opening hours on the website

MediaCity Library: closed during bank holidays.

Allerton: closed during bank holidays.

During bank holidays the Library operate on a reduced staff service, which means:

  • There is no extended laptop loan service available
  • Click and Collect items won't be processed
  • The Tech Bar is closed, opening again at 10:00 the next working day.

The full range of digital Library resources are still available during this period. These can be accessed directly via the Library website or through your reading lists.

Contact the Library with any questions by emailing


The askUS enquiries service is closed on bank holidays. You can self-serve information during this period by visiting our website or email askUS via The team will respond to these queries from the next working day.

Visit our askUS webpage for information about opening hours and how to get in touch, it is updated to reflect upcoming bank holidays.

Digital IT Service Desk

The Service Desk is closed on bank holidays. All queries can be logged via the Service Portal and will be picked up the next working day.

School Offices

School Offices are closed on bank holidays. Any emails received during this period will be picked up the next working day:

Wellbeing support

Our Student Support team doesn't work on bank holidays, but you can access support in the following ways:

  • Contact CareFirst for 24/7 counselling on 0800 970 1080
  • Access crisis support information on our website
  • Report & Support information and reporting is still accessible during this period
  • Find additional wellbeing information and self-help resources on our website

Salfood outlets

Visit Salfood's webpage for information about opening hours, it is updated to reflect upcoming bank holidays.

The Faith Centre

The Faith Centre is usually closed during bank holidays with some exceptions around major religious dates. Visit our Faith webpage for full details, it is updated to reflect upcoming bank holidays.

Note: the Faith Centre is open to students and staff only, not community members, and you need your ID card to access the space.

Sports Centre

The Sports Centre is usually closed on bank holidays, reopening the next working day at the usual time. Regarding the Easter weekend, the Sports Centre closes at 22:00 on Thursday, reopening on the following Tuesday as normal.

Visit the Sports Centre website for opening hours and class information.

Atmosphere and the Coffee Hut

Atmosphere and the Coffee Hut are usually closed on bank holidays but may be open dependent on the time of year.

  • Easter weekend: Atmosphere and the Coffee Hut will be closed from Friday 29 March 2024, reopening on Monday 8 April
  • May bank holidays: Both will remain open but hours may be reduced
  • Summer bank holiday: Both will be closed

Find more information about opening hours on the Students' Union website and keep up to date by following @salfordAKB and @SalfordCoffeeHut on Instagram.