Reading lists - Students

A view of shelves in the library

Reading lists are made available to you through your individual Blackboard module pages.

Your tutors select all of the resources for your reading list, and the library purchases these in both electronic and print format (where possible) – So you don’t have to! 

If you find that a reading list link within one of your modules isn’t displaying a working list, then please send this information to: and we will ensure to resolve this for you.

Please note that links to reading lists are not currently displaying in the Blackboard mobile app. To find the reading list for your module please use the desktop version of Blackboard or go to Library Search.

Access Your Reading Lists

You can access reading lists for your modules in the following ways: 

  • Click the link in your Blackboard module page (on the left hand side)
  • Browse and view all lists at the Reading Lists site. This link can also be found at the top of the Library Search.

We also provide guest access to reading lists.

Use your lists to:

  • Connect straight to eBooks for online reading – Our eBooks and eJournals can be accessed directly through the list, just click the 'view online' link and you will be taken directly to the assigned resource. 
  • View which books are available within the library – Our reading lists link directly to the library catalogue, so you are able to see exactly what we have in stock and where to find them within the library. 
  • Save money by using library resources – The Library will purchase print and electronic copies (where possible) of all books that are included on reading lists. You can therefore use the library resources rather than purchasing books yourself.
  • Find other lists for topics outside of your programme – You can search for any other reading list in the system. Feel free to browse for other topics that take your interest. We even create bespoke lists for special events that you will be able to enjoy.