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Make the most of your reading lists

Reading Lists are set up by your tutors to guide you to good quality, relevant and useful materials to help you with your studies.

The Library will purchase anything your tutors add to a reading list, in both print and electronic format (wherever possible). We buy the resources – so you don't have to!

Access Your Reading Lists

You can access your reading lists in the following ways:

  • BLACKBOARD - Click the link in your Blackboard module page.
    • Please note: There is currently an issue when accessing reading lists through the Blackboard app. Please follow these instructions to resolve this.
  • LIBRARY SEARCH - There is a link to the reading list system on the menu bar of Library Search.
  • READING LIST WEBSITE - You can use this link to go directly to the system itself and browse all available reading lists.
  • LIBRARY APP - Find out more about the Library App.

If any of these methods are unclear then please watch the short video below for guidance:

How do I use my lists

Reading lists make it easier than ever to access all of your learning resources:

  • VIEW ONLINE - Click these links to open eBooks, journal articles, webpages or videos. You should be able to access everything directly without any need to sign into additional webpages.
  • PHYSICAL ITEMS - Click Available to get details for physical resources. This will show you whether items are currently available in the library. If so, you can even open a map to show you which shelf to find them on!

How do I Make the Most from my Lists?

The recommended reading will strengthen your understanding of your subject. Make the most of this opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge.

Some tutors may ask you to read specific items to prepare for classes. It's worth making time to do this reading, so you can go into your classes well prepared. You'll get more from your lectures and seminars and you'll have a great starting point when it comes to research for assignments or revision for exams.

Remember, you don't necessarily need to read a whole book. You can start by quickly checking out the Introduction, looking for relevant chapters and using the "search within" option (in eBooks).

What if I Need Some More Help?

  • The Library aims to give you access to all the resources you need for your studies. If we don't currently have something, then you can request an item.
  • The Library also run various workshops to help with all aspects of university work.
  • There is also a wide range of useful information on our guidance pages.