Undergraduate final year

We get it, mapping out your career might not be topping your to-do list at the moment. But hang on, your upcoming moves are a big deal. And guess what? We're right here to back you up, no matter when you're ready to dive in.

Check out our timeline – it's your compass to staying in sync with your goals:

Activities, events and resources relevant to undergraduate final year

Trimester 1

Options after graduating - Have you thought about your options after graduating? Are you interested in further study or are you keen to secure a graduate role as soon as possible? Do you know what kind of role might suit you?

Our workshops cover a range of relevant topics which could help here. We also offer one-to-one appointments so feel free to get in touch with the Careers and Enterprise team.

Graduate roles - If you are planning to apply for graduate roles keep an eye on closing dates to make sure you don’t miss out. Visit the Careers Hub on campus to access useful resources and look out for our workshops on graduate job hunting.

Campus events/careers fairs - Come along to the careers fairs organised by the Careers and Enterprise Team. You’ll get the chance to speak to a range of employers and practise your networking skills. Ask employers about the roles they are recruiting for and get some tips about how to make your application stand out.

Trimester 2

CV and LinkedIn - Make sure you are tailoring your CV towards each job you apply for. Use our online resources on CV support and access Career Set for some CV feedback.

Take time to review your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have developed as part of your programme. Check out our networking page for further advice on this.

Graduate job search - Now is a great time to step up your search for graduate roles. You can find a range of resources to help with this on the Careers and Enterprise website. You could also speak to the Employability team in your school for useful advice on this.

Interviews and assessments - How do you feel about job interviews? Would you like to feel more confident or get some advice about how to prepare? If so, the Careers & Enterprise website is the place for you! You can access a range of resources and have a go at online practice interviews through Shortlist.Me, where you’ll receive instant feedback on your interview performance. We also offer in person mock interviews so contact the Careers and Enterprise team to find out more!

Trimester 3

Workshops - Boost your knowledge by attending one of our workshops. You can attend online and face to face, and we cover a range of topics from interviews and applications to business start-up and working freelance. All are advertised on our website and can be booked via Advantage.

Careers advice - If you are feeling unsure about your next steps or would just like some help putting your plans in place, the Careers and Enterprise team are here to help. Book an appointment or attend one of our workshops for support and advice.

After graduation - As a graduate of The University of Salford, you’ll continue to have access to a range of online resources, services and opportunities to assist you in moving towards your longer-term career goal. That may be setting up your own business, further study or changing your career completely. Whatever path you choose to take, we’ll be here to support you reach your potential.