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Unleash your potential with a powerful CV. It's your passport to showcase your education, qualifications, and work history to employers.

Think of your CV as an attention-grabbing advertisement. Show how your skills, knowledge and experience meet the needs of the employer. When applying for jobs, a CV is often accompanied by a covering letter.

Different jobs and employers demand tailored CVs, and we've got you covered. Let us guide you to create the perfect CV that gets noticed.

CV support

How to structure your CV

Craft a concise and impactful CV that matches the role you're applying for. Traditional UK-based CVs are typically two A4 pages, but creative and academic CVs can differ. 

Explore sample CVs to visualise different styles: 

  • Chronological: Highlights qualifications, work experience, and skills in reverse chronological order. 
  • Skills-based: Ideal for those with limited experience, career changes, or employment gaps. 
  • Academic: Longer CV for academia, covering research, publications, and professional memberships. 
  • Sector-specific: Tailored CVs for creative, acting, legal, and scientific (IBMS specific) roles.  

Visit Example CVs and job hunting tools | TARGETjobs for more examples.


Remember these 8 key tips:

  1. Prioritise relevant information, giving it more detail. 

  1. Present experience and education in reverse chronological order. 

  1. Choose an easily readable font and appropriate text size. 

  1. Pay attention to formatting and layout. 

  1. Proofread for spelling and grammar errors. 

  1. Customise your CV for each position. 

  1. Include a cover letter with your CV. 

  1. Research specific CV requirements if applying outside the UK. 

Craft a winning CV that stands out and opens doors to exciting opportunities!

Create your CV

Start with our CV eLearning module, this will help you to gain an understanding of layout, formatting and what to include in a CV for the UK market. You could also attend our live CV workshop to learn about different CV types, targeting your CV for specific jobs, and crafting an impressive skills section and profile. 

If you can't attend a workshop, our virtual CV tutorial is perfect for you. Accessible on LinkedIn Learning, this step-by-step guide covers every section of a CV, offering valuable hints and tips along the way. 

Consult our comprehensive guide, Creating your CV, for expert advice on building and customising your CV. It includes example CVs to get you started with a basic template. 

Before you begin, watch this video explaining different CV types. It will provide valuable insights into creating a standout CV.

Check your CV with CareerSet

Supercharge your CV with CareerSet, our AI-powered online service. It scores your CV and provides instant feedback based on key criteria employers seek. Accessible 24/7, CareerSet is your invaluable tool. 

How to Use CareerSet: 

  • Log in with your University of Salford email and student ID. 
  • Follow the authenticator link. 
  • Upload your CV (PDF) and click 'Score My CV.' 
  • Review feedback sections to improve your score. 
  • Resubmit your CV as many times as you like for progress tracking. 

Attention, alumni! You can now use CareerSet too. Sign up with your personal email using voucher code SALFORDGRAD. 

If you require support with the use of CareerSet, please get in touch with the team directly and we will be happy to help. Take a look at CareerSet's Accessibility Statement. For advice on making your device easier to use if you have additional access needs, visit AbilityNet.

Watch this promo to learn more about CareerSet

CV review - additional support

Maximize your CV's impact with our support. After using our online resources, if your score remains below 50, attend a Drop In session for personalised recommendations. Don't forget to bring your CV score. 

Once you've nailed your CV, it's time to start your job search.