Enterprise journey

The stages of your Enterprise journey

Journey starts

During Welcome Week there will be lots of activities and workshops on offer, so make sure you get involved! We offer a wide range of resources and support that could help you achieve your business goals.  Come over to the Careers Hub to find out more, and to say hello to the Careers and Enterprise team!

Develop ideas

If you are considering setting up a business, why not attend one of our live Workshops? Look out for workshops on business idea generation which will help you explore the processes which turn an idea into a business concept. We also provide Start up Schools throughout the year which will provide you with essential insights and practical tools for launching and growing a successful startup.

Stay in the loop

Come along to one of our Careers Fairs where a wide range of organisations will be in attendance. You’ll get the chance to develop your networking skills and increase your knowledge of different sectors. Even if your end goal is to work for yourself, it's good to explore the range of different opportunities out there. Stay ahead of the game by signing up to our monthly newsletter and be the first to know about our latest news and events.

Boost your entrepreneurial skills

Continuously develop your entrepreneurial skills by attending Workshops and training sessions where we cover a range of business-related topics. You could also join Enactus and other entrepreneurial clubs and societies to collaborate and learn from like-minded peers.

Business acumen

Take advantage of the wide range of resources available to support you with your business ideas. We have a wealth of Business planning information available - take a look and find the answers to your business-related questions!

Start your entrepreneurial journey

Look out for our Prepare to Launch programme which will help you research, plan and explore your business idea. You will join a cohort of other budding entrepreneurs to explore your own idea for a Business or Social Enterprise as we guide you through the basics of researching, modelling, testing and planning your venture in a structured and supportive environment.

Get financially empowered

Define and refine your business model canvas, including revenue streams, value proposition, and customer segments. Explore relevant Funding support which could help you turn your ideas into reality.  If you need further support with this, why not Book an appointment with an Enterprise Adviser for personalised guidance and mentoring.

Get personalised support

Our 45 minute appointments are suitable for exploring brand-new business ideas in depth. The meeting will give you the time to thoroughly analyse, brainstorm, and strategise the potential of your new concept, ensuring you receive comprehensive guidance. Book an appointment or call +44 (0)161 295 0023 (option 5).

Achieve your goals

Access our Start-Up toolkit which is filled with helpful tips, advice, and resources, it's your guide to understanding entrepreneurship and building important business skills. Be part of our exciting live Workshops and explore online LinkedIn Learning modules. Dive into toolkit topics such as Business planning and Enterprise Skills. Join engaging discussions and unlock a whole new world of possibilities!

Create positive change

Discover your inner entrepreneur with our Start up tool kit! Filled with helpful tips, advice, and resources, it's your guide to understanding entrepreneurship and building important business skills.

Launch your business now

Take part in our Big Pitch Competition, where you will have the opportunity to showcase the sustainability of your business. Not only will you gain a chance to secure financial support and win prestigious awards, but you'll also forge strong local connections that will prove instrumental in launching your business.

Get inspired by those who have successfully launched a business by reading their stories