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Here at Salford we offer a range of online learning. One platform that we recommend our students use is LinkedIn Learning. This platform offers a broad suite of high-quality online tutorials to support your learning at University. Its library of 9,000+ videos is constantly updated as new technologies and workplace skills needs emerge.

LinkedIn Learning

Learning pathways

Our Careers & Enterprise Team have created a number of learning pathways for students to access on demand. All of the tutorials are broken down into small bitesize videos, which you can dip in and out of.

Titles cover a range of topics, such as CV and Covering Letters, Professionalism, Working Freelance, there are over 35 titles to choose from – a full list is shown below.

As well as these tutorials, our advisers deliver live Masterclasses that you can join, which cover a number of these topics in depth.

To access the learning pathways, you will need to register with our University LinkedIn Learning page to access the content (free).

You don't need your own personal LinkedIn account, but you do have the option of linking your own personal LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning if you choose.

Video guides


Plan your career with confidence - In this learning pathway, we will look at different approaches to Career Planning, why they are useful, which one might suit you and the steps you can take to help you along the way.

Maximising your time at University - In this learning pathway, we will look at how to make the most of your time at University, how this helps with both furthering your career, and deciding which direction you want to go in.

Why do a work placement - In this learning pathway we will learn: why you should do a work placement; the benefits of a work placement; and how to apply for and arrange a placement.

Options after University - This learning pathway is here to help you think about the different options available to you after your undergraduate studies. It is a brief introduction for you to gain some insight into what graduates generally do after university, raise awareness of some options you may not be aware of and give you a starting point to find out more about each option.

Step by step CV writing guide - This is a CV tutorial learning pathway that breaks the CV writing process up into sections. This will help you gain information, tips and advice on how to create a CV fit for recruitment processes.

Writing a winning Cover Letter - This learning pathway is a short set of videos to explain what a cover letter is and provides guidelines and tips to help put a cover letter in place.

Job hunting - This learning pathway will walk you through how to focus your job search so you can get the most out of your time. You will look at tools you can use to find relevant roles, find out where to look for these roles, and easy ways you can network for your job search.

What graduate employers really want - Have you got the key skills graduate employers look for? This learning pathway will cover the essential competencies in your job applications and interviews to impress recruiters and get hired.

Making graduate applications - In this learning pathway, we will look at how graduate applications differ from other applications, and how you can successfully put yourself forward for these roles.

Getting interview ready - Gain tips and ideas about how to prepare for job interviews to make you feel more comfortable and confident with the interview process in this learning pathway.

Assessment centres - This learning pathway is a comprehensive tool explains everything you need to know about assessment centres, the activities you may be assessed on and how to perform.

Psychometric Testing in Recruitment and Selection - This learning pathway will provide an insight into what to expect of psychometric tests, increase confidence in how to prepare and provide an opportunity to sample and practice some common tests.

Professionalism - Learn how to be seen as the ultimate professional in a highly competitive Graduate Employment Market. We cover the dos and don'ts of professional behaviour.

Introduction to emotional intelligence - The learning pathway is designed to introduce you to the concept of Emotional Intelligence and its importance in helping you achieve professional success. It consists of six units and an Emotional Intelligence Development booklet which act as building blocks in developing your EQ.

The personal brand YOU - The Brand YOU is a Personal Branding Programme that follows a step by step guide to create a powerful Personal Brand. The process will develop self-awareness of your strengths, abilities to create a unique and authentic brand and develop clear career focus where you can find your flow.

Using social media for your career - This learning pathway is for those interested in using social media for career development, networking and job search. We will explore the pros and cons of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and social media.

Postgraduate options and funding explained - This learning pathway is for undergraduates considering pursuing a postgraduate qualification. The focus will mainly be on taught courses, but we will also touch on research degrees.

Routes into teaching - This learning pathway explores your motivation for teaching, skills and qualities needed for teaching, types of schools, age ranges, training routes, entry requirements, Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses, application processes, course and living costs and support available.

Preparing for careers fairs - Attending careers fairs can be a little daunting especially if you haven't been to one before. This learning pathway explains what a careers fair is and builds up to the steps you can and should take before, during and after your attendance to a careers fair. All videos relate to both traditional jobs fairs and virtual fairs.

Learning LinkedIn for Students - In this course, instructor Oliver Schinkten starts by showing how to build a stellar LinkedIn profile - whether or not you have previous work experience. He also offers tips for expanding your LinkedIn network, identifying job opportunities, connecting with recruiters, and building a professional brand by publishing interesting content and articles. Plus, find out what LinkedIn Premium has to offer students and job seekers like you.


Why be Enterprising - Being enterprising isn't just about starting your own business. In this learning pathway, you will be introduced to what it means to be enterprising and why it's beneficial to develop this important skill-for-life.

Business Basics - This learning pathway will give anyone an understanding of the basics of starting a business. It will cover business planning, market research, marketing, business funding, as well as legal and financial aspects.

Idea Generation - This learning pathway will take you through where ideas come from, what barriers stop us from thinking creatively, and 5 different techniques you can use to develop your ideation skills.

Entrepreneurial mindset and skills - This learning pathway will give you insight into what the entrepreneurial mindset is, what traits an entrepreneur has and how this can be developed within yourself.

Networking for success - Networking seems like a daunting and unfamiliar task for many people, and yet it is often crucial and beneficial for advancing in one's career or growing one's business. This learning pathway will lift the veil on the subject and help you develop an effective approach to networking both in person and online whether for personal, career, or business development.

Forge your own career path - Are you struggling to kickstart the career you want because you can't find or get relevant work opportunities or experience? This learning pathway will show you how to develop your vision into an actionable plan and understand the processes involved to start forging your own career path.

Social Enterprise - Are you passionate about helping society and want to start your own projects or business in order to do that? Then you'll likely want to create a social enterprise. In this learning pathway, you will learn about what a social enterprise is, how to set one up, and the funding and support that is available to you.

Working Freelance - Want to start working freelance but not sure how? Take this learning pathway to learn the basics of working freelance, and see how the University of Salford can support you to start your freelance career.

Starting a part-time business - If you'd like to learn more about setting up your own part time business, holiday venture, sell on-line or provide your services on a freelance basis, this is a great place to start. You will also learn some basics for researching, setting up and running your venture as well as some marketing and selling basics.

Business Planning - This learning pathway will talk through the importance of business planning, what steps to take, things to consider, and how to use the business model canvas.

Market Research - This learning pathway goes through the benefits and methods of conducting market research for starting a business.

Business Funding and Finance - This learning pathway will introduce different funding options available to start-ups, and touches on managing cashflow and tax contributions. This is a good overview for anyone thinking to start up.

Fundraising 101 - This learning pathway will help you to research and identify the various sources of finance available, explore the pros and cons of each and help you to determine the best source for your project. You will also learn some basic skills for preparing an application or presentation for pitching and applying for funding.

Business Branding - This learning pathway will introduce you to the components that make up good business branding and offer practical exercises to get you started on thinking about your brand. The videos have been adapted from a live masterclass delivered by DAR Studio who was part of the 1st Cohort from Salford's very own Launch Incubator.

Pitching for Business - This learning pathway offers top tips on how to present a successful business pitch. It is also useful for anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills.

Social Media Marketing - With so many social media platforms available to us it can seem overwhelming to decide on which ones to uses to market your business. This learning pathway with help you in beginning to make an informed choice on which platform to use, what are the benefits of social media marketing and key principles to consider.

Promoting your Business - This learning pathway covers a range of topics to help you successfully promote your business. This includes digital marketing tools, social media marketing, non-digital marketing tools, and business branding.

Time Management - Are you struggling to keep on top of your tasks and wondering where all your time has gone? This learning pathway will offer you tips and tools to help you make smarter goals and manage your time better.