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Expand your learning with LinkedIn Learning, our recommended platform for high-quality online tutorials. With more than 9,000 constantly updated videos, you can stay ahead in technology and workplace skills while studying at Salford.

LinkedIn Learning

Curated learning pathways

Access our on-demand learning pathways created by the Careers & Enterprise Team. With bite-sized videos covering topics like CV and Covering Letters, Professionalism, and Working Freelance, you can learn at your own pace.

Join live workshops for in-depth discussions.

Register for free with our University LinkedIn Learning page and start exploring without needing your own personal LinkedIn account. 

Check your CV with CareerSet

Supercharge your CV with CareerSet, our AI-powered online service. It scores your CV and provides instant feedback based on key criteria employers seek.

How to use CareerSet: 

  • Log in with your University of Salford email and student ID. 
  • Follow the authenticator link. 
  • Upload your CV (PDF) and click 'Score My CV.' 
  • Review feedback sections to improve your score. 
  • Resubmit your CV as many times as you like for progress tracking. 

Attention, alumni! You can now use CareerSet too. Sign up with your personal email using voucher code SALFORDGRAD. 

If you require support with the use of CareerSet, please get in touch with the team directly and we will be happy to help. Take a look at CareerSet's Accessibility Statement. For advice on making your device easier to use if you have additional access needs, visit AbilityNet.

Unlimited on-demand mock interviews, providing students with instant actionable feedback.

Shortlist.Me is a fantastic opportunity to gain excellent interview practice through realistic interview simulations online, which have been accredited by a multitude of top graduate employers.

  • Choose from a wide range of different industry-specific interviews including Admin, Engineering, Marketing, Finance, and much more!
  • Rehearse your answers under the pressures of a real interview.
  • Play your responses back, and learn how to improve based on expert guidance provided by Shortlist.Me.
Video guides


Plan your career with confidence - Discover different approaches to career planning, find what suits you best, and learn actionable steps to move forward with confidence.

Maximising your time at University - Make the most of your time at university to advance your career and explore your desired direction.

Why do a work placement - Uncover the reasons why work placements are valuable, their benefits, and how to secure one.

Options after University - Explore different options available to you after your undergraduate studies. It is a brief introduction for you to gain some insight into what graduates generally do after university, raise awareness of some options you may not be aware of and give you a starting point to find out more.

Step by step CV writing guide - Master the art of crafting a winning CV with this comprehensive tutorial, covering each section and providing essential tips and advice.

Writing a winning Cover Letter - Learn the essentials of crafting an impactful cover letter through a concise set of videos offering guidelines and expert tips.

Job hunting - Focus your job search for optimal results. Discover tools, strategies, and networking techniques to find relevant roles.

What graduate employers really want - Identify and develop the key competencies that impress employers and increase your chances of landing the job you want.

Making graduate applications - Navigate the unique aspects of graduate applications and present yourself effectively for these roles.

Getting interview ready - Gain confidence and preparation strategies for job interviews, ensuring you make a positive impression throughout the process.

Assessment centres - Understand everything you need to know about assessment centres, the activities you may be assessed on and how to perform.

Professionalism - Learn the essential principles of professional behavior to excel in the competitive graduate employment market.

Introduction to emotional intelligence - Explore the concept of emotional intelligence and its significance for professional success, building self-awareness and development.

The personal brand YOU - Create a powerful personal brand that highlights your strengths and uniqueness, guiding your career focus and flow.

Preparing for careers fairs - Navigate careers fairs like a pro, from understanding their purpose to maximising your experience before, during, and after the event.

Learning LinkedIn for Students - Build an impressive LinkedIn profile, expand your network, connect with recruiters, publish engaging content, and leverage LinkedIn Premium benefits for students and jobseekers.

Business Start Up-based

Why be Enterprising - Discover the benefits of being enterprising and how it can enhance your skills for life beyond starting a business.

Business Basics - Gain a solid understanding of the essentials of starting a business, including planning, market research, marketing, funding, and legal/financial aspects.

Idea Generation - Unlock your creative potential by exploring the sources of ideas, overcoming barriers to creativity, and learning effective techniques for idea development.

Entrepreneurial mindset and skills - Develop the mindset and traits of successful entrepreneurs through insights and practical steps to cultivate these qualities within yourself.

Networking for success - Demystify networking and learn how to build valuable connections both in-person and online for personal, career, or business growth.

Forge your own career path - Overcome obstacles and design a clear plan to kickstart your desired career by leveraging your vision and understanding the steps involved.

Social Enterprise - Explore the world of social entrepreneurship, including setting up a social enterprise, accessing funding, and finding support for your initiatives.

Working Freelance - Discover the basics of freelancing and learn how the University of Salford can support you in launching your freelance career.

Starting a part-time business - Learn the fundamentals of setting up and running a part-time business, including online selling, marketing, and research.

Business Planning - Understand the importance of effective business planning and learn practical steps and considerations using the business model canvas.

Market Research - Discover the benefits and methods of conducting market research when starting a business.

Business Funding and Finance - Explore funding options for startups, manage cash flow, and understand tax contributions.

Fundraising 101 - Research and identify various funding sources, evaluate pros and cons, and develop essential skills for pitching and applying for funding.

Business Branding - Uncover the components of impactful business branding and engage in practical exercises to start shaping your brand identity. The videos have been adapted from a live masterclass delivered by DAR Studio who was part of the 1st Cohort from Salford's very own Launch Incubator.

Pitching for Business - Nail your business pitch with top tips and enhance your presentation skills.

Social Media Marketing - Navigate social media platforms, choose the right one for your business, and master key marketing principles.

Promoting your Business - Boost your business promotion with digital marketing, social media, branding, and more.

Time Management - Take control of your time, set smarter goals, and improve your productivity with valuable tips and tools.

Graduates First

Our partnership with Graduates First offers a range of practice aptitude tests. These include:

  • verbal reasoning
  • numerical reasoning
  • logical reasoning
  • work style assessment
  • interview question identifier
  • situational judgment test
  • assessment centre exercises.

Get the Edge: Graduates First provides comprehensive psychometric tests and job assessment preparation solutions. Gain access to step-by-step guides to over 100 top graduate employer's recruitment stages and valuable tips to ace their assessment process.

Free for You: Register with your University email address for free aptitude tests from Graduates First.

Santander Open Academy

There are lots of free courses you can enrol on provided through Santander Open Academy. Some are hosted live in groups, others are pre-recorded for you to work through in your own time, plus there are podcasts, audio books, and ebooks too. The modules are accredited via well-known institutions such as Harvard Business School and Cambridge University. These additional micro-credentials will complement your degree and look great on your CV as a way to prove to employers how proactive you are, plus give you tangible evidence for skills such as Working with AI, Power BI, Photoshop, being a great leader, living and working sustainably, and so much more. You don't have to be a customer of Santander to use them (and they are all free of charge), just create an account with your email and get started!

Visit Santander Open Academy to discover how their opportunities can support you.

Student Circus

The University of Salford has partnered with Student Circus to provide:

  • Curated UK jobs board for international students with companies that sponsor
  • Global jobs for students and graduates looking to take their skills outside the UK
  • Career Ignition Hub – a great resource for all students to kickstart your career
  • Immigration Guide and Country Guides to give you the most up-to-date information

Looking for a Graduate Employment Opportunity in the UK? Student Circus has hundreds of listings of pre-filtered jobs and internships from employers willing to sponsor the Skilled Worker visa, including KPMG, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company, Land Rover, Siemens and many more. Additionally, there’s the Immigration Guide to the UK where you can find answers to lots of visa FAQs.

Keen to enter the Global Jobs Market? The Student Circus platform also has jobs and internships listings with international employers that value your global experience and education. Explore Country Guides and find jobs from 29+ countries, including China, South-East Asia, Europe, Latin America and America.

Hungry for more? Visit their blog for the latest insights on hiring trends, employers, and visa updates.

Get started: Students from the University of Salford - sign up with your University email and get unlimited access to the platform.

University of Salford Alumni - please contact us at careers& to be sent your unique verification link to access Student Circus.

Disclaimer: Student Circus is a Third-Party platform who have partnered with the University of Salford but are not part of the University. By signing up to Student Circus you are agreeing to their Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and for your data to be kept on Student Circus’ database for four years, you are doing so at your own risk. Please ensure that you have read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before continuing.