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Access our on-demand learning pathways created by the Careers & Enterprise Team. With bite-sized videos covering topics like CV and Covering Letters, Professionalism, and Working Freelance, you can learn at your own pace.

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Video guides


Plan your career with confidence - Discover different approaches to career planning, find what suits you best, and learn actionable steps to move forward with confidence.

Maximising your time at University - Make the most of your time at university to advance your career and explore your desired direction.

Why do a work placement - Uncover the reasons why work placements are valuable, their benefits, and how to secure one.

Options after University - Explore different options available to you after your undergraduate studies. It is a brief introduction for you to gain some insight into what graduates generally do after university, raise awareness of some options you may not be aware of and give you a starting point to find out more.

Step by step CV writing guide - Master the art of crafting a winning CV with this comprehensive tutorial, covering each section and providing essential tips and advice. 

Writing a winning Cover Letter - Learn the essentials of crafting an impactful cover letter through a concise set of videos offering guidelines and expert tips. 

Job hunting - Focus your job search for optimal results. Discover tools, strategies, and networking techniques to find relevant roles.

What graduate employers really want - Identify and develop the key competencies that impress employers and increase your chances of landing the job you want.

Making graduate applications - Navigate the unique aspects of graduate applications and present yourself effectively for these roles.

Getting interview ready - Gain confidence and preparation strategies for job interviews, ensuring you make a positive impression throughout the process.

Assessment centres - Understand everything you need to know about assessment centres, the activities you may be assessed on and how to perform.

Psychometric Testing in Recruitment and Selection - Gain an insight into how to prepare for psychometric tests commonly used in recruitment processes, boosting your confidence and performance. 

Professionalism - Learn the essential principles of professional behavior to excel in the competitive graduate employment market.

Introduction to emotional intelligence - Explore the concept of emotional intelligence and its significance for professional success, building self-awareness and development. 

The personal brand YOU - Create a powerful personal brand that highlights your strengths and uniqueness, guiding your career focus and flow. 

Using social media for your career - Harness the potential of social media for career development, networking, and job search across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Postgraduate options and funding explained - Discover postgraduate qualification opportunities, including taught courses and research degrees, while understanding funding options. 

Routes into teaching - Explore your motivation for teaching and the necessary skills needed. Find out about school types, training routes, entry requirements for aspiring teachers. 

Preparing for careers fairs - Navigate careers fairs like a pro, from understanding their purpose to maximising your experience before, during, and after the event.

Learning LinkedIn for Students - Build an impressive LinkedIn profile, expand your network, connect with recruiters, publish engaging content, and leverage LinkedIn Premium benefits for students and job seekers.

Business Start Up-based

Why be Enterprising - Discover the benefits of being enterprising and how it can enhance your skills for life beyond starting a business.

Business Basics - Gain a solid understanding of the essentials of starting a business, including planning, market research, marketing, funding, and legal/financial aspects.

Idea Generation - Unlock your creative potential by exploring the sources of ideas, overcoming barriers to creativity, and learning effective techniques for idea development.

Entrepreneurial mindset and skills - Develop the mindset and traits of successful entrepreneurs through insights and practical steps to cultivate these qualities within yourself.

Networking for success - Demystify networking and learn how to build valuable connections both in-person and online for personal, career, or business growth. 

Forge your own career path - Overcome obstacles and design a clear plan to kickstart your desired career by leveraging your vision and understanding the steps involved.

Social Enterprise - Explore the world of social entrepreneurship, including setting up a social enterprise, accessing funding, and finding support for your initiatives.

Working Freelance - Discover the basics of freelancing and learn how the University of Salford can support you in launching your freelance career. 

Starting a part-time business - Learn the fundamentals of setting up and running a part-time business, including online selling, marketing, and research. 

Business Planning - Understand the importance of effective business planning and learn practical steps and considerations using the business model canvas. 

Market Research - Discover the benefits and methods of conducting market research when starting a business. 

Business Funding and Finance - Explore funding options for startups, manage cash flow, and understand tax contributions. 

Fundraising 101 - Research and identify various funding sources, evaluate pros and cons, and develop essential skills for pitching and applying for funding.

Business Branding - Uncover the components of impactful business branding and engage in practical exercises to start shaping your brand identity. The videos have been adapted from a live masterclass delivered by DAR Studio who was part of the 1st Cohort from Salford's very own Launch Incubator. 

Pitching for Business - Nail your business pitch with top tips and enhance your presentation skills.

Social Media Marketing - Navigate social media platforms, choose the right one for your business, and master key marketing principles.

Promoting your Business - Boost your business promotion with digital marketing, social media, branding, and more.

Time Management - Take control of your time, set smarter goals, and improve your productivity with valuable tips and tools.