University of Salford Enactus Society

Be a part of Enactus Salford: Transform Lives, Build a Better World! 

Join our dynamic community of students, academics, and business leaders. We are all about making a positive impact and creating a sustainable future. Enactus supports young individuals like you, empowering and fostering socially conscious future leaders through Social Action and Enterprise Projects worldwide. 

At Enactus Salford, we thrive on exciting social enterprise projects. Business principles and diverse funding drive us forward. Our society is inclusive, innovative, and fun! In fact, our past project rocked the Semi-Finals of the prestigious Enactus UK National Competition, ranking among the top 25 out of 219 social enterprise projects nationwide. And guess what? We were proudly named the "Most Improved Team" of the year! 

Don't worry about your course or experience level – everyone is welcome here. Our exceptional committee represents various disciplines within the University of Salford, and our team members come from all around the globe. 

Together, we make a real difference. Join us in developing impactful local and international community projects, addressing society's greatest challenges, and improving lives. Let's create a better world together! 


Taking action

Enactus students create sustainable solutions that empower others to thrive economically, socially, and environmentally. As part of Enactus Salford, you can take on various leadership roles, such as team leader, marketing leader, or project leader, making a real impact through project work. We provide abundant employment opportunities through Enactus UK's corporate partners and offer participation in exciting events nationwide. 

By joining Enactus, you'll develop a wide range of valuable skills—teamwork, project management, problem-solving, marketing, leadership, and communication. Boost your employability, enhance your CV during your time at Salford, and forge new friendships. Experience regular social events and enjoy fun-filled training weekends away. 

It's never too late to get involved! Join us by emailing enactussalford@gmail.com or contact your University of Salford Enterprise Adviser to discuss further at careers&enterprise@salford.ac.uk. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!