Library Spaces

Study spaces on campus

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Clifford Whitworth Library (24 hour opening)

Ground Floor

Collaborative study - Map

24 hour laptop loans
Enquiry desk
Borrow and return items
Children's books
Click and Collect
PCs and Macs
Flexible study space
Bookable group study rooms (1-3)
Bookable group study rooms (4-6)
Accessible study room
Print, copy and scan
Parent and child study room
Phone charging lockers
Water fountain
Zine Zone

Library Collection 000 - 149: Research, Computer Science and Journalism.
The Leisure Reading Collection is situated near the Enquiry Desk.


First Floor

Collaborative study - Map

Library Support staff
Tech Bar
PCs and Macs
Bookable group study rooms (6 – 12)
Print, copy, scan
Learning Suite 1
Learning Suite 2
Refreshment room
Water fountain
Library Collection 150 - 569:
150: Psychology
170: Ethics
190: Philosophy & Religion
300: Research Methods
301: Sociology
302: Social Psychology
305: Race & Gender Studies
320: Politics
330: Economics
340: Law
350: Military
361: Social Work
362: Health and Social Care
364: Criminology
370: Education
390: Fashion
400: Languages
500: Maths and Statistics
530: Physics
540: Chemistry


Second Floor

Quiet study - Map

PCs and Macs
Bookable quiet study rooms (13-21)
Water fountain
Bridge to extension
Silent study room
Silent PC suite
Print, copy, scan
Library Collection 570 - 699:
570: Biology
572: Biochemistry
577: Ecology
610: Nursing and Medicine
611/612: Anatomy and Physiology
613: Health, Nutrition and Conditioning
615: Pharmacology
615.8515: Occupational Therapy
616: Radiology, Pathology, Dermatology
616.89: Psychotherapy and Psychiatry
616.9: Cancer Care
618: Midwifery and Paediatric Care
620: Engineering
657: Accounting
658: Business and Management
658.8: Marketing
690: Construction
AV: CDs and DVDs
Extension (over the bridge)
Library Collection 700 - 999:
720: Architecture
730: Sculpture
741: Graphic design
746: Fashion
770: Photography
778: Animation
780: Music
790: Film, TV
792: Theatre and Dance
794: Gaming
796: Sport
800: Writing and Literature
810: American Literature
820: British Literature
821: Poetry
822: Playwriting
823: Novels
830 to 899: European Literature
909: Geography
930 - 999: History

Refreshment room

Located on the first floor of the Clifford Whitworth building, the Refreshment Room is the perfect space for students to take a quick respite from studies and enjoy some food. With a range of seating options and a selection of leisure reading to browse, the Refreshment Room is ideal for relaxing and taking in the views across Peel Park campus.

Filled with natural light, this bright, open and multifunctional space offers a calming alternative to other library spaces. The Refreshment Room is a space ideal for preparing and eating food brought in from home. Making use of it is a great way to save money whilst studying in the library! Inside you'll find a range of kitchen facilities including a fridge, dishwasher, two microwaves and a boiling water tap.

Please note: To ensure the Refreshment Room remains a healthy and hygienic space for all students to enjoy we kindly ask those who make use of the space to clean up after themselves when they are finished.

Parent and Child study room (Room 2)

The Parent and Child study room is located on ground floor of the Clifford Whitworth Library. The room may be booked by students who need to have their children with them while they study. The room contains children's books, colouring books, and colourful posters to help keep the child occupied while the parent studies. The room is equipped with a PC, a desk, a projector, and a whiteboard.

To book the room, visit the Seat and Space Bookings system and select the ‘Parent and Child Study Room’ category.

Lady Hale – The Cube

The Cube offers an area of study suited to a variety of requirements. A mix of vibrant new furniture allows students to work alone or collaboratively with the addition of single study pods, group booths, study rooms and seminar rooms with the latest Audio-Visual equipment. Plus, there is a kitchen space to stop in for a break and a snack.

Ground Floor
Single study pods and booths
Collaborative study booths
Careers Hub
First Floor
Bookable seminar and group study rooms
Flexible study space
One week laptop and Macbook loans

Allerton Learning Space

Level 1
Enquiry Desk
Click & Collect (from Enquiry Desk)
Book Returns
24 hour laptop loans
Bookable seminar room
Loanable personal lockers – coming soon
Level 2 & L2 extension
Flexible study space
Bookable seminar room
Kitchen – coming soon
Level 4
Study space – coming soon
Bookable accessible study room
Teaching room

MediaCity Library

Library services at MediaCity UK
Level 3
Enquiry Desk
Media City Library collection
Self Service / Returns
Click & Collect
1 week laptop and Macbook loans
Study space

Looking for somewhere to hang out?

When you've finished studying there are several Student Spaces on Campus where you can chill out, zone out or socialise.