Laptop loans

Laptop lockers



Borrowing and returning a laptop or Mac

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Laptop loans

Where are the laptops?

Location and current availability Device Types Loan Length
Clifford Whitworth A (Ground floor near PC suite) HP 24 hour
Clifford Whitworth B (Ground floor near PC suite) HP 24 hour
Allerton Learning Space C HP 1 week
Chapman 1st floor D HP 24 hour
University House E HP 24 hour
MCUK G Acer and MacBook 1 week
Clifford Whitworth H (1st floor near PC suite) Acer and MacBook 1 week
Lady Hale J (1st floor) Acer and MacBook 1 week
Clifford Whitworth (Enquiry Desk) HP 4 weeks

For the laptop to work off campus you must first login to the Wi-fi on campus.

You will also need to borrow a charger from the Clifford Whitworth or Media City Enquiry Desks.

Laptop loans

Extended loan laptops

Extended loan laptops can be loaned for four weeks at a time.

To borrow Extended Loan Laptops bring your student ID to the Enquiry Desk instead of the usual laptop lockers. You must also return your laptop and charger to the Enquiry Desk.

Laptop loans

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for the laptop/charger while it is loaned to you. It must not be left unattended or loaned to anyone else. Fees will be charged for stolen, lost and damaged laptops and chargers. If you are aware that what you loan is damaged, please take it to the Library Enquiry Desk as soon as you notice the fault.

The Library Loan Policy contains all the details about your responsibilities when loaning items from the Library.

Item Fee
HP Laptop is returned in an irreparable condition (as specified by third party supplier) £850
HP Loss of Laptop power cable £30
Acer Laptop is returned in an irreparable condition (as specified by third party supplier) £1186.80
Loss of Acer Laptop charger £41.94
MacBook is returned in an irreparable condition (as specified by third party supplier) £1714.41
Loss of MacBook charger £83.61
Returned device requires repair Fee subject to cost of repair as determined by Digital IT
Laptop loans

Courtesy email

A courtesy email is automatically sent to you whenever you borrow a laptop and charger. It lists the locker details (e.g. 'Locker Number AB 01: Library Laptop'), and the date and time the laptop needs to be returned.

Laptop loans

Key points

  • You are fully responsible for any and all damage to the equipment on your library account and costs associated with them.
  • Damage/loss/theft of equipment must be reported immediately to the library services team.
  • You are responsible for returning equipment in the same condition in which it was borrowed.
  • Lost or damaged equipment could result in you paying full replacement or repair cost.
  • Equipment must be returned by the return date.
  • Returned devices will only be removed from your library account if they are plugged into the lapsafe locker.
  • Borrowing blocks may apply to late returns or returned devices that are not plugged into the lapsafe locker.

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