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What to expect: As the new term gets underway, returning your books to the Library will look a little different – we have been working hard to ensure that you can return your items in a safe and Covid-secure way.

How things will work at our different sites:

At Clifford Whitworth - There will be dedicated 'book bins' for you to return your books to, with one bin located at the exit of the building, and the second located outside of the front of the building, so that you can quickly and safely return your item without needing to enter the space. Please note: The book bin outside the library is only available during library opening hours.

At MediaCityUK - We have added a 'book bin' next to the enquiry desk at the Media City Library, making it easier for those studying at the MCUK campus to return an item.

At Allerton Learning Space - There is currently no facility to return any books in the Allerton Building, unless you have a Reasonable Adjustment Plan.

Loans from other libraries

These items need to be returned directly to the Enquiry Desk of the library you loaned them from.


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