Your library account

Use your library account to...

  • Check your loaned library items (e.g. books and laptops)
  • Check when loans are due for return
  • Place requests and see when your requests are ready to collect
  • Check for and pay charges.

Access your library account

  • Visit Library Search.
  • Click 'Sign in' at the top right of the screen and submit your Network username and password.
  • Click My Account at the top right of the next screen.
  • Log out when you have finished.

Lost card

Your University ID card is also your library card. If you lose your ID card tell us immediately so we can prevent unauthorised use of your library account.

The Library is the central hub for lost ID cards. If your lost ID card has been found, we will notify you via your University of Salford email and place the card behind the Enquiry Desk for you to collect.

For information on getting a replacement ID card visit askUS.