Overdue and lost items

Return or renew items on time

You will be charged if your book is requested by another user and you fail to return it on time.

Check your library account to see if:

  • a loaned item is requested - you need to return it as soon as possible.
  • a loaned item is invoiced - you need to return it to the library. Invoiced items will block your account and prevent you from borrowing new material.

What are the charges?

  • If an item is very overdue a Student Debtors Statement charging you the replacement cost of the items will be raised by the University.
  • Any student who is in debt to the University will not be allowed to attend their Graduation ceremony.

    You must also return all library books before graduating, as these are classed as debts.

What if I lose an item?

You will be charged for a replacement of any item you lose.

The replacement cost charge is a minimum of £15 per item.

If you find and return an item identified as lost, any charges will be removed from your account.

Pay your charge

Pay online via your Library Account. Access your account, go to the 'Fees + Charges' section and follow the onscreen instructions.

What if a book goes overdue?

At the end of your 13-week renewal period you will get regular reminders asking you to renew the book. If you don't renew the book within five weeks we will contact you with an invoice asking you to pay to replace the book. If the book is returned / renewed promptly at this point the invoice will be cancelled.

After seven weeks, if you have still not returned your items, you will be referred to a debt recovery agency who will be instructed to recover the full cost of the items in question. You may be still charged any administrative fees applied by the debt recovery agency if we accept return of items at this point.

Failure to pay outstanding charges can also affect your ability to graduate.