Automatic Renewals

All things renewals; see how long your book can be loaned, and what might be preventing them from being renewed. 


All items are loaned for one week at a time. You may have them for as many as 13 weeks because they renew automatically. However, if another student requests the item you must return it within the stated time period.

What if a book won't renew?

Books won't renew for one of five reasons:

  1. The book has been requested by another user - The book must be returned by its due date. 
  2. The maximum number of renewals has been reached (books will be loaned for up to 14 weeks) - The book will not renew beyond the 13-week limit. If the book has not been requested and you want to keep it, you can renew it at the library enquiry desk and start another 13-week loan period. No charges will be made for overdue books that have not been requested.
  3. Your library account has expired before the expected due date of the book after renewal - The book will not renew beyond your account expiry date and will need to be returned. No charges will be made for overdue books that have not been requested.
  4. The book is lost and has been invoiced - The book needs to be returned immediately. You will have already been notified of the charges relating to the replacement cost of the book. Failure to return the book may incur further charges for debt collection.
  5. You have a block on your account - If another library loan has been returned late, or is overdue, a block may be placed on your account. This could prevent the book being renewed.

If a book is not renewing and you are unclear about why, please get in touch.

What communication will you send me?

You will receive the following communication from us on a regular basis:

  • Recall notification email - advising that a book you have borrowed will not be renewed as it is requested by another user.
  • Pre overdue email - advising that a book you have loaned is due for return.
  • Phone calls/text - attempts to contact you to return the overdue books.
  • Overdue letter - advising that a book you have on loan has now passed its due date and is overdue for return.

All of our communications are sent as a courtesy and should not be relied on to keep track of your due dates. Failure to receive notification is not a valid reason to remove any charges that you may have accrued as a result of books going overdue on your account.