Whether you haven't applied to university yet, your results weren't what you were expecting, or you've declined your firm and insurance choices and are looking for new options, find out everything you need to know about your other options in our university Clearing guide – from how to apply through Clearing to when Clearing 2021 opens.

How does Clearing work?

So, how does Clearing work? And what does the process of applying through Clearing involve? If your grades aren't what you were expecting, you don’t have a university place, or you’ve changed your mind about where or what you want to study, Clearing gives you a second opportunity to apply by enabling you to find courses that still have places available.

In line with UCAS Clearing advice, you can consider applying through Clearing if you:

  • Are applying after 30 June 2021
  • Didn’t get your firm or insurance choice universities
  • Have changed your mind about where or what you want to study
  • Didn’t receive any offers when you first applied
  • Were unsure about university during the first round of applications and didn’t apply
  • Achieved better grades than predicted (if this is the case, you may be able to apply for a place at a university that requires higher grades – this can be done through the UCAS Clearing and Adjustment process)

When does Clearing open?

But when does Clearing open in 2021? Clearing starts on 5 July 2021 and closes on 19 October 2021. If you applied to university through UCAS by 30 June 2021, but don't meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, or didn’t receive an offer from a UK university, you will automatically be entered into the university Clearing process.

If you're applying to university for the first time after 30 June 2021, you can also apply for a course through Clearing.

If you’re thinking about applying through Clearing this year, you will need to have your exam results before you apply. For A-level and most new BTEC courses, results day is 10 August 2021.

How to apply through Clearing

Getting into uni through Clearing is how thousands of students obtain a place on their ideal course every year, but it’s always good to prepare yourself for results day, which can feel stressful if you’re not familiar with the Clearing process.

If you’re still feeling unsure about whether the university Clearing process is for you, don’t worry – we’ve outlined a range of scenarios with Clearing advice that might apply to your situation.

Which situation best describes you?

I haven’t applied anywhere yet.

If you want to start a course with us at the University of Salford, we recommend applying as soon as possible. Our phone lines will go live when Clearing opens on 5 July, but in the meantime you can research our courses now.

If you haven’t registered with UCAS, you can make your application directly through us. As soon as you have your exam results and are ready to apply, get in touch with our friendly Clearing team who will assist with your application and answer any questions you have. Before you call us, make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Which course or courses interest you
  • Details of your qualifications (including GCSEs, A-Levels and BTECs)

Once you’ve contacted us to discuss the course you are interested in, we will send you an application form that you should submit along with copies of any relevant certificates. We will then assess your application and update you on the outcome within five working days.

I applied to university through UCAS, but I didn’t get any offers.

  • If you applied to university through UCAS by 30 June 2021 but didn’t receive any offers, you will be automatically entered into Clearing
  • As soon as you have your exam results, you will be able to apply to the University of Salford
  • When you’re ready to apply, contact our friendly team to discuss your options  our Clearing phone lines open on 5 July, but you can research our courses now
  • Before you call, get details of which courses interest you, your UCAS ID and your qualifications to hand
  • If you are offered a place with us through Clearing, you will need to add this new course to your UCAS Track

I applied to university through UCAS, but I didn’t get the grades for my firm or insurance choice.

  • The first thing to do is to check the status of your application via UCAS Track to see if your firm or insurance choice university has confirmed your place
  • If you’ve been unsuccessful at your chosen university, you can contact our friendly Clearing team to discuss your options
  • Before you call, make sure that you have the following information handy:
    • Which course or courses interest you
    • Your UCAS ID
    • Details of your qualifications (such as GCSEs, A-Levels and BTECs)
  • If we offer you a place through Clearing, you will need to add this new course as your Clearing choice

I’ve accepted a place elsewhere, but I want to study at Salford.

  • If you’ve been accepted by your firm or insurance choice university but want to study at the University of Salford instead, you can contact our friendly Clearing team to discuss your options
  • If we offer you a place through Clearing and you choose to accept it, you will need to visit UCAS Track and release yourself into Clearing. You’ll then need to add your new course as a Clearing choice on UCAS
  • Before you release yourself into Clearing, please make sure that you talk to us first to check our vacancies and your eligibility for the course you want to study
  • Search our full list of courses available in Clearing today

I've met and exceeded the conditions of my first choice and I want to study at Salford

  • If you’ve already secured a place at your firm choice university but want to study a course at Salford, you can still apply here through a process called Adjustment as long as you have met and exceeded the conditions of your original offer. Learn more about Adjustment, from how it works to accepting offers

Salford is my first choice, but I’m not sure if my place is confirmed.

  • To see whether your place is confirmed, you can check UCAS Track or call our confirmation helpline
  • If your place with us is confirmed – congratulations! We’ll be in touch with you soon with details about what happens next
  • If you’ve been unsuccessful, we’re sorry this means that we’re unable to offer you a place on your chosen course this year. If this happens, you can still contact our friendly Confirmation team to discuss your options

Clearing Plus

In Clearing 2021 you'll be able to use Clearing Plus, a tool developed by UCAS designed to match you to your ideal course. If you’re applying through Clearing and this is the first time you've applied to a university, or if you previously applied but didn’t receive an offer, you’re eligible to use Clearing Plus. Learn more about how Clearing Plus works on the UCAS website.

Clearing advice

We understand the university Clearing process can feel a bit overwhelming, and that getting into uni through Clearing is sometimes an unexpected situation to find yourself in.

Choosing the right university and course is a big decision, and one you may feel pressured into making quickly. If you’re thinking about applying through Clearing 2021, we recommend getting a head start on doing your research – the sooner you start this, the better. That way, you have more time to consider your options.

When you’re researching different options for getting into uni through Clearing, make sure you find out about the university’s location, what modules are offered on your course, the facilities available and whether the style of teaching is going to suit you. These factors will differ at each university, which is why it’s important to find out as much as you can before applying.

During the process of figuring out the best option for you, it’s a good idea to speak to your teachers, parents and friends. They might have useful advice or may have been through the process themselves. Our trained Clearing advisors will also be on hand if you have any questions – they'll be available on our Clearing phone lines from 5 July.

It's also wise to attend Clearing events wherever possible. We'll update this page soon with information about the different ways you can meet us over the summer. In the meantime, why not explore our virtual tour to find out where you could study, socialise and live as a student at Salford.


Becky's story

Becky, who studied Zoology at the University of Salford, tells us about her Clearing experience:

“Looking back, the Clearing process was much easier than I’d thought. Before I called, I was quite nervous and thought I’d need to answer lots of questions. But it wasn’t like that at all – they just wanted to get to know me and find out whether I’d be the right person for the course. When they asked me if I’d like to apply it was just a few questions over the phone. Then after a quick chat with the tutor I was offered a place.”

Our courses

We offer a wide range of UCAS Clearing courses here at Salford. Expand the accordion below to learn more about some of our popular programmes, or explore our full range of Clearing courses. Find your ideal course and become unstoppable at the University of Salford.

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If you want to get advice, guidance or support on Clearing, or if you have any questions that haven’t been answered as part of our university Clearing guide, please contact us on enquiries@salford.ac.uk or call our friendly team on +44 (0)161 295 4545.