Do you want to work in an exciting, vibrant and fast-moving industry? Are you interested in design, photography, image making or marketing? If so, our fashion Clearing courses are for you.

With the opportunity to undertake live briefs and work on real-world assignments, you’ll be able to specialise in the area of fashion that interests you the most – from pattern cutting and construction techniques to aesthetics and film. Learn more about our UCAS fashion courses and find your ideal degree today.

Fashion Clearing degrees

new adelphi

Our UCAS fashion courses are based at our £55 million New Adelphi building – the home of design and creativity on campus. When you study with us, you’ll learn from experienced tutors who will teach you how to use our state-of-the-art design facilities. These include:

  • Studios – dedicated areas for each course, providing you with the space to think and create
  • MakerSpace Workshop – for creating digital rapid prototypes using 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters and more
  • Photography Studios – industry-standard photographic studios, which you can use in conjunction with darkrooms and digital printing facilities
  • Workshops – from print to textiles, our range of workshops allow you to take your ideas from page to reality
  • Mac Suites – equipped with the industry-standard software you’ll need during your studies and in the world of work
Explore the facilities in New Adelphi in these 360 videos:

Fashion Clearing places

Inside our fashion studio

Our choice of pathways allows you to specialise in the area of fashion that is most aligned with your interests and future career goals. We currently offer the following UCAS fashion courses through Clearing:

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Ready to lay the foundations for a career in the fashion world? Looking for a well-established UCAS fashion design degree that has great graduate prospects? If so, our BA (Hons) Fashion Design course is for you. As part of this degree programme, you’ll create and present fashion designs to a professional standard, while studying in an environment that will develop your personal talent and unlock your full potential.

You’ll begin by studying the fundamentals of fashion design, bringing together all of your skills as part of a major final year project. From illustrating, designing, pattern cutting and garment constructing to developing an awareness of the wider fashion industry, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to hit the ground running as a design professional.

What’s more, work from your final project will be exhibited at a fashion show in Manchester, and a number of our students will also be selected to take part in the prestigious annual Graduate Fashion Week event in London, where they will exhibit work alongside their peers and competitors.

New York Fashion Week

Natalie’s Story

Natalie Slater

Natalie Slater gained a BA in Fashion Design at the University of Salford before landing her dream job as a Junior Designer at John Lewis. She says:

“My experience at Salford couldn’t have been more rewarding. I have learned so much and now, three years later, I couldn’t be happier. I have been around the world learning essential skills to set me up for my future, from interning in New York to fabric sourcing in China. The course requires dedication and motivation, but you get out what you put in. From my experience, you definitely reap the rewards of your hard work.” Natalie Slater, Junior Designer at John Lewis

BA (Hons) Fashion Image Making and Styling

Models in outfits in a line

As one of the original fashion degrees within this field, our BA (Hons) Fashion Image Making and Styling course is both respected and supported by industry leaders. We have a track record of producing successful graduates who have transformed the way we experience fashion across both the UK and the world. By choosing to study for this degree programme, you’ll gain access to our established network of industry partners, providing live projects, collaborative opportunities and the chance to showcase your work.

Our image making and styling degree is progressive, creative and dynamic. Throughout your studies you’ll gain hands-on experience in creating images, experimenting with styles and learning new techniques – all geared towards finding a unique identity that will enable you to create contemporary fashion images and showcase your vision. What’s more, you’ll also work with a variety of reputable clients – from Marine Serre and Colliana Strada to Depop and House of Frazer.

“Studying fashion image making and styling at Salford was a major turning point in my life. You have so much personal freedom and tutor guidance on the course that it gives you the ability to grow into anything you want to be. I loved every minute of it.” Michael Mayren, Owner and Founder of Brother Models

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion

A close up of a desk with fashion design materials on it

Our BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion course will enable you to consider the fashion industry in it’s entirety, while developing a broad range of practical and technical skills required to succeed. You’ll be studying within our dynamic and award-winning fashion department within Greater Manchester – home to many fashion designers, retailers and multi-million-pound online fashion brands.

This fashion business degree will enable you to define your own role in shaping the future of fashion retail, while also giving you the chance to develop skills in trend prediction, analysis and entrepreneurship. You’ll experience live industry projects and work placements, allowing you to network with leaders from across the industry. In the final year of the course, you will complete a personal project building a portfolio of work to showcase your individual interests and establish your reputation as a fashion business professional.

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Students showcase their work at London Fashion Week

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