Our Clearing courses in politics, history, and international relations are designed to give you the experience and skills you need to stand out. If you’re looking to develop your knowledge of contemporary politics and history, or you want to delve into the dynamics of state and organisation, we have a Clearing course tailored to your interests.

Studying at Salford

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Our courses in politics, history, and international relations include:  

The range of modules on our courses enable you to direct your studies in line with your specific interests. Depending on the course you choose the modules you could study include global intelligence, war and conflict, political journalism, and the history of socialism.  

When you study a politics, history, or international relations course at Salford, you will benefit from a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, seminars, workshops, debates, and individual supervision. You will also get the opportunity to spend some, or all, of your second year studying abroad in either Europe or the US. In addition to this, you can also apply for our parliamentary placement programme to boost your CV.

Courses in Clearing

Discover more about our politics, history, and international relations courses in Clearing, and find the course that’s perfect for you. Our practical approach, experienced teaching, and supportive environment will ensure you'll excel in your studies, and get the skills you need to succeed in your future career.

View our politics, history and international relations courses in Clearing

BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics

Our BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics Clearing course is designed to develop your understanding of key concepts in a structured manner. You will begin with a foundational background in the history and theories of international relations and politics. Then, as you progress onto your second and third years, you will choose from a wide variety of modules and get the opportunity to take a professional placement. 

Studying our International Relations and Politics course can prepare you for a professional career in a vast range of areas including politics, government, research, teaching, and international security.

BA (Hons) Contemporary History and Politics

Our BA (Hons) Contemporary History and Politics Clearing course will not only develop your knowledge and understanding of contemporary history and politics, it will also give you key transferable skills that are vital in a range of careers.  

You will study historical events that changed the world between the 18th and 21st centuries, and explore the politics surrounding them. This course also looks at history and politics in a range of contexts to examine international history, intelligence and security, and policy decisions.  

Moving into the second year of your degree, you’ll get the opportunity to study abroad for some, or all, of the year.  

BA (Hons) Contemporary Military and International History

Our BA (Hons) Contemporary Military and International History Clearing course explores the conflicts that have shaped society over the past 200 years. From wars of propaganda to weaponry and intelligence, you will delve into a range of topics that cover the history of contemporary warfare and conflict.  

In the second and third years of your course, you will have the chance to study abroad or on one of our industry placements.  

Studying contemporary military and international history develops vital skills that are sought after in roles within the police, teaching, armed forces, private security, and more. If you choose to study this course, you’ll delve into topics as diverse as terrorism and intelligence, with the option to specialise in naval, air, or land warfare.  

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