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Meet the Businesses

CoffeeKey - Jack Eaton

Jack Eaton

CoffeeKey is an online retailer of boutique coffee roasters and suppliers. The business model is a for-profit system which will take a percentage of suppliers’ sales as they are purchased through CoffeeKey by customers. CoffeeKey allows for smaller quality-driven suppliers to be found more easily than on larger search engines. This is Jack’s second business venture as he also runs the video marketing business Peak Reach Media.

Nav Project Support (NPS) - Navaneath Vasudeva

Nav Project Support (NPS)

Nav Project Support is a consultancy service that helps small and medium scale constructioncompanies based in the Greater Manchester region. Navaneath aims to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) services to help advise these organisations throughout the construction process. Nav Project Support supports on vital areas such as pre and post-construction as well as the project handover process.

DAR Studio - Darya Meszkes & Denisa-Alexandra Anghel

DAR Studio, Darya MeszkesDar Studio, Denisa-Alexandra Anghel

Both Darya and Alexandra work as freelance designers in multiple disciplines. However, they have come together to work on many projects in which Darya acts as Art Director and Alexandra acts as a copywriter/ 3D designer. Through their work together they are able to take on more projects. They have previously worked with other creatives such as photographer Richard Meftah, cinematographer Ollie Kelly and composer Nicole Lane.

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SALSOC Synthesis - Idil Ismail & Nicola Guest

SALSOC Synthesis, Idil Ismail

SALSOC Synthesis, Nicola Guest

SALSOC Synthesis aims to bring products to market that advance the 12 principles of green chemistry. No other custom synthesis business exists in UK academia that will be a direct benefit to students at university. The aim is to set the University of Salford as the precedent among UK universities for encouraging green chemistry in their laboratories.

Book 4 Events - Cherrelle Bird & Darren Cain

Book 4 Events, Cherrelle Bird and Darren Cain

Book 4 Events is an online platform which allows event suppliers to post and advertise their services. Each service will have their own page containing all their details. Basic membership and profile creation is free but Book 4 Events offer exclusive membership extras that users can pay for to create their unique membership package. This may include online instant booking, homepage advertising and many more. The aim of Book 4 Events is to create a platform in which smaller and lesser known providers can advertise their services.

Joch Consulting Limited - Busuyi Obafemi

Joch Consulting Limited, Busuyi Obafemi

Busuyi identified a gap in the market for secretarial services since the requirement for this was removed in the Companies Act by the UK government. Joch Consulting therefore bridges this gap and provides clients with tailor-made services. They also provide specialist consultancy services to corporate entities in the sustainable energy sector, helping their businesses grow and follow the correct procedures. As the energy sector is changing, Joch Consulting hope to help the development of sustainable energy and ensure businesses have the support they need

Sauce Network- Abubakar Jeylani & Ricardo Sorzano

Sauce Network, Abubakar Jeylani and Ricardo Sorzano

Sauce Network - Ricardo

Sauce Network is a collective of freelance creatives that create and produce visual content. They have worked on music videos, brand campaigns, documentaries and live events. Sauce Network work alongside small businesses in the Manchester area to grow their branding and social media. Their content is uploaded to their YouTube channel which has over 80,000 views.

Social Media:, Julien Bertrand Suife

Impact Julien Suife

The use of influencers for marketing campaigns has been increasing and has been found to be very popular and successful amongst big brands. therefore are currently in the process of developing an app to make the process of launching an influencer campaign easier for both large brands and smaller businesses at scale. Julien’s business idea offers a place for relationships between brands and influencers to develop whilst also providing a platform to manage workflows.

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