Wherever in the world your exciting new journey is starting from, we can’t wait to see your Salford story develop - and we’re here to make sure you have an amazing time!

Before you leave, take a look at the information below. We have highlighted the essential items you must bring with you and the key things to do before you travel. This will help you get everything into place, so that your first few weeks at Salford run smoothly.

1 Apply for your visa

If you are currently living outside of the UK and need a visa, you should read the information and watch the videos on our dedicated how to apply for a visa webpage. Alternatively,  if you are applying for a visa from inside the UK, you can read more on our askUS pages.

Please remember that you should not travel to the UK before the start date on your entry clearance visa or digital status, even if entering the UK via an e-gate. If you do, your student leave will not be activated properly and we will not be able to register you. In this scenario, you would be advised to leave the UK until such time as your visa or digital status commences and you can return to the UK to register. This, of course, will generate extra travel, inconvenience and, cost to you that we all want to avoid.

2 book your accommodation

If you haven't yet arranged somewhere to live and are struggling to find available accommodation, please contact our askUS team who can provide the latest updates. They can be contacted on askUS@salford.ac.uk or, if you’d prefer to call, you can speak to the team on +44 (0)161 295 0023.

You must provide a UK address and telephone number as part of the University of Salford's registration process. If you are staying in temporary accommodation, you can give this address during registration, but once you have found your term-time accommodation then you will need to update your profile with this information. 

You can find some more useful links and videos to support you below.

3 Book your travel to arrive in UK

You should arrive from the start date on your entry clearance visa or digital status, so that you have time to complete your Check-in on campus before your induction starts. Remember to check the travel regulations for any of the countries you transit through.

When you arrive at Manchester airport you can get a free taxi to take you from the airport to our University of Salford Campus. Other destinations such as your accommodation may incur extra charges if the amount is over £39.00 so please come prepared.

How to use this service

  • You can book a taxi by completing this form
  • You will need your University ID, flight details and accommodation address to complete the booking form
  • You must book at least 72 hours in advance
  • You can use this service if you are a new international student studying a full-time course, travelling alone with your luggage. If you are travelling in a group there are train and bus links to Manchester/Salford area available
  • After collecting your luggage and passing through Border Control, you will need to call +44 (0)161 945 2000 to inform our taxi partners that you have arrived
  • You will then be advised of your pick-up point which is different depending on your terminal

4 Start online registration

Look out for an email from our registration team inviting you to start online registration. Please do not try to register until you have received this email.

It is important to register promptly and as early as possible so that you can access your learning resources and start your course on time. See the registration page for more information.

5 Book your Check-in appointment

Once the registration period opens, we will contact you about booking your appointment for your Check-In.

The Check-in appointment is a requirement from the Home Office, and it involves us checking your documents face-to-face on campus.

6 pack your important documents and belongings

Depending on your circumstances, the following documents may be required once you have entered the UK, either for your university registration or for other purposes.

We recommend carrying these documents in your hand luggage so you can show them to the airport staff once you arrive.

  • Your Passport
  • Your Visa - This could be in the form of a vignette in your passport and/or a decision letter proving your right to study in the UK     
  • Your CAS letter - You may be asked to show your CAS on arrival in the UK  
  • Your TB certificate - You may be asked to show a TB screening certificate (depending on your country of origin) on arrival in the UK     
  • Documentary evidence of your finances and ability to pay your fees and support yourself whilst living in the UK
  • Your sponsorship letter (if applicable)   
  • Documentary evidence of your qualifications (original documents of academic certificates and/or original official transcripts)
  • Your offer letter from the University of Salford - You will need to show this to the taxi company if you have booked a taxi transfer using our taxi service  
  • Your airport welcome/taxi transfer confirmation. You will need to show this to the taxi company if you have booked a taxi transfer. You can book a taxi by completing this form
  • Original documentary evidence of your English language skills (if required) 
  • Your ATAS Certificate (if required)
  • Driver’s licence (if you have one)
  • Any doctor’s letter outlining medical conditions or prescribed drugs
  • Enough money or an international credit card to buy food and essentials with before you open a UK bank account.
  • Travel and health insurance documents – these are to protect you in case you fall ill during transit or before you can register for medical care in the UK, or for situations such as your flight being cancelled/lost baggage etc.

Chidera from Nigeria shares her top tips for what you should pack in the below video:

International student gives tips on what to pack when travelling to study at University of Salford

7 Collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

If required, you must collect your BRP within 10 days of arriving in the UK. Your visa decision letter will tell you where to collect your BRP from. 

8 Attend your check-in appointment

You must bring along your original documents to your appointment at University House on Peel Park campus for your Check-in. This is an essential part of the registration process.

The documents you must bring are:

  • Your passport
  • Your visa
  • Your visa share code (if applicable)
  • Your visa decision issued by the Home Office

As soon as you complete registration you can collect your student ID card, start using the Library and University IT systems, and you can also apply for your UK national insurance number.

You must also read the information on our website using the link below.

9 Pay your tuition fees

You must pay your tuition fees or arrange a payment plan before you can complete registration. Find out how to pay your fees by watching the below video or clicking the link.

If you have any problems paying your fees you can speak to our finance team by emailing Income-treasury@salford.ac.uk or calling +44 (0) 161 295 0023 (press option 2 then option 1).

If you're having difficulties confirming your payment method during registration, you can find some troubleshooting information to support you on our Welcome FAQ page.

International Paying Tuition Fees

10 complete online registration

Now that you have completed Check-in and paid your fees you are ready to complete online registration. This involves filling in your personal details and agreeing to our terms and conditions.  

You can find more information about how to do this in your Welcome guide (check your email inbox).

Salford students in a lecture

11 Set up your IT and learning systems

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to your student email account and the systems you’ll use as a student. Make sure to take a screenshot or note down your username and password when you’re registering – we can’t email a copy of your password to you for security reasons.

Scholarship Awards 2019

12 Join your induction activities

You must attend your induction which starts from 28 May. Your induction will give you course-specific information, introduce you to the academic staff who will teach you and give you a chance to meet your new course mates. You will also get familiar with the learning systems we use.

Other useful information

Opening a UK bank account

Although you may have a bank account from your home country, using it in the UK may bring additional charges for spending and withdrawals and some cards aren’t compatible with UK bank machines. Additionally, with international transfers, different exchange rates can have a real impact on the amount of money you receive. 

We recommend that you open a UK bank account before you arrive in the UK. This can’t be done for every account but banks like Monzo offer this as an option (as long as you have a UK address that you can have the bank card sent to). It is also a good idea to bring some Pounds Sterling or travellers’ cheques for when you arrive in the UK so that you can buy some essentials. Avoid travelling with large amounts of cash.  

To open a UK bank account, you must have: 

  • Proof of your ID: a passport, a national ID card, a driving licence or a BRP (it must be photo ID) 
  • Proof that you are a student: you can order a bank letter from letter requests 
  • Some banks may also request:  
  1. Proof of your UK address: utility or council tax bills 
  2. Proof of your address overseas: a bank statement from your country of origin 

Outlining your visa responsibilities

Following completion of your registration, you will be required to undertake academic induction with your School. As part of this, the Home Office Compliance team will come along and talk to you about your visa responsibilities as an international student in the UK.

Engagement monitoring

We are required by law to inform the Home Office if any student on a Student Route Visa is not engaging regularly and, if so, your Student Route Visa could be revoked. 

Read more about visa and immigration

Register with a GP (Doctor)

It is important for you to be registered with a GP and we have a local practice on Peel Park Campus. Once registered you can access the full range of health and wellbeing support - even if you are away from Salford.

Register with the University Health Centre

Find other local GP Practices

Getting to campus

If you're going to commute to university, it's a good idea to plan your route to campus before you start.

We have great public transport links with lots of different options for you to use, including buses, trains, trams, bike paths and footpaths. Use the Transport for Greater Manchester route planner to help plan your journey.

Travelling to the University is easy:

  • Our on-campus train station Salford Crescent is only a ten-minute journey from Manchester Piccadilly
  • We're just five-minutes on the bus from Manchester city centre, with lots of buses coming past Peel Park and Frederick Road campuses
  • You can get free travel on the 50 bus in between MediaCity and Peel Park campuses
  • There's a Metrolink stop right outside our MediaCity campus
  • We have over 400 spaces for bicycles
  • If you're travelling by car, we have over 1,000 parking spaces
  • We have Common Rooms on campus that have been created with commuter students in mind; featuring chill-out spaces, solo and group study spaces, lounge area with a TV, a kitchenette, charging points, and lockers for commuter student use.

Find out more about travel.

Get to know our teams

Meet the different teams who are here to help you throughout your University of Salford journey. From wellbeing support to careers advice and everything in between, find out who to go to for help.

Read our glossary for new students

To help you understand some of the common, and sometimes confusing, terms that are used across the University, we've created a useful glossary of terms for new students.

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