Your induction

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Find out what will take place in your first few weeks at Salford. Your academic induction provides you with information about all the activities that will be happening when you start your course.

Your academic induction commences on Tuesday 1 June 2021, but our academic induction Blackboard* sites are up and running if you would like to take a look around.

Remember: you must have completed registration and downloaded Blackboard to attend the online induction.

*If you need help setting up Blackboard you can find information on the library or visit the FAQS page.

Academic induction

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Academic induction is your chance to meet your academic staff, engage with other students on your course and ease you into studying at Salford. It's here to give you the best possible start to your academic journey.

Your virtual academic induction will run from Tuesday 1 June and will give you the opportunity to meet your academic staff and engage with the other students from your course. Your academic induction will involve a range of course-specific activities – some of which you will be able to complete in your own time and some will be scheduled as live events for you to engage in real-time with staff and fellow students.

We’ll prepare you with the necessary information and experience to hit the ground running when teaching starts. Your academic induction includes explaining the expectations and standards in your course, helping you become familiar with the requirements, as well as getting you used to using some of the key systems.

Make sure you’re prepared to engage because during this period you’ll be asked to complete academic projects and tasks both individually and in virtual teams.

Details of your induction

Details of induction will be available when you access your timetable on Blackboard. You must have registered as a student first. However, to help you plan, you should expect to be engaged in learning activities including some live online events on at least three days in each week.

What to do if you're not yet registered with the University

If you’ve not yet completed your registration you won’t be able to access your induction information. Please contact us if this is the case and we’ll advise how best to find the information you need. There will be plenty of opportunities to catch up on anything you might have missed so please don’t worry if you are in this situation.


Using Blackboard

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