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If global events have given you new career perspectives, postgraduate study can lead the way to realise your ambitions.

Whether you want to build on your undergraduate specialism, you're thinking about moving into academic research, or you're looking to take a new career direction altogether, the School of Science, Engineering and Environment, has postgraduate courses that deliver next-level knowledge and skills.

With a 20% fees discount for Salford students and alumni, we're also the smart destination to continue your learning. Read on and discover our courses.

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Refocus. Our postgraduate courses are ideal for graduates or career-switchers looking for rewarding career opportunities in other industries


Specialise. Our postgraduate courses can enhance your existing technical knowledge and skills in preparation for career development into more senior roles


Prepare. Our postgraduate course provide a perfect platform to refine your skillset and prepare for future academic or industry-based research

A postgraduate taught degree gives you the opportunity to specialise further in something you’ve already studied at undergraduate level; it could provide an accreditation that could further your career, or alternatively give you the chance to take a different path and pursue a new role.

At Salford we offer a wide range of postgraduate taught degrees, many of which can be studied via distance learning for added flexibility. Some of our courses also have alternative start dates throughout the year, meaning you’re not just limited to starting your studies in September.

In the School of Science, Engineering and Environment, we specialise in acoustics, bioscience, built and natural environments, computer science, engineering and robotics. Read on and discover how you can develop advanced knowledge and skills in these fields with a postgraduate degree.

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Acoustics and Audio courses

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Drawing on over 60 years of expertise, and with a comprehensive suite of world-class acoustic laboratories, we are a UK leader in acoustics teaching and research. Led by expert tutors, our range of postgraduate acoustic and audio-focused courses explore the science of sound, vibration and its human impact.

We offer graduates and industry professionals a range of postgraduate acoustics and audio courses that nurture the technical skills and real-world knowledge to help create a better sounding world. 

Acoustics (MSc/PgDip)

Audio Production (MSc/PgDip)

Bioscience courses

A bioscientist looking through a microscope

The University of Salford is at the heart of the bioscience community. If you are looking to advance or specialise your current science career, or take a new direction into biosciences, see where our postgraduate science degrees can take you.

Available with full and part-time study routes, our science postgraduate courses are designed to equip science graduates and professionals with laboratory skills, critical-thinking and analytical techniques to thrive in the bioscience revolution.

Biomedical Science (MSc)

Biotechnology (MSc)

Drug Design and Discovery (MSc)

Built environment courses

Architecture student measuring

If you are considering postgraduate study to either advance your career or take a new direction in the built environment, explore how you can go further with the University of Salford.

Drawing on our world-ranked teaching and research spanning architecture, construction, project management, and digital transformation, we offer a range of career-focused, postgraduate courses that shape graduates and professionals to lead the way in the construction industry.

Architecture (MArch)

BIM and Digital Built Environments (MSc/PgDip)

Building Surveying  (MSc/PgDip)

Construction Law and Practice (MSc/LLM)

Construction Management (MSc/PgDip)

Project Management in Construction (MSc/PgDip)

Quantity Surveying (MSc/PgDip)

Quantity Surveying (Mechanical and Electrical) (MSc/PgDip)

Real Estate and Property Management (MSc/PgDip)

Sustainable Buildings (MSc/PgDip)

Town and Country Planning (MSc/PgDip)

Computing courses

Computing student

If you are thinking about postgraduate study to either advance your I.T career, or help you to take a new direction into artificial intelligence, big data and digital transformation, find out how you can go further with Salford.

Drawing on our rich history in computer science and informatics teaching and research, we've shaped a range of specialised computer science postgraduate courses that can to prepare you for AI, cyber security, data, informatics and digital transformation-based roles.

Artificial Intelligence (MSc/PgDip)

Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence and Forensics (MSc/PgDip)

Data Science (MSc/PgDip)

Software Engineering (MSC/PgDip)

Engineering and Robotics courses

Civil Engineering students mixing materials

Engineering is in our DNA.Through our pioneering research agenda, we’ve developed a range of specialist postgraduate engineering courses covering aviation, energy, robotics, structures and transport. If you are looking to specialise your engineering skills, let us show you the way.

Featuring flexible learning pathways, and industry-focused curriculums, our courses are led by teams who are part of professional and research communities throughout the UK and beyond.

Advanced Control Systems (MSc/PgDip)

Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design (MSc/PgDip)

Aerospace Engineering (MSc/PgDip)

Petroleum and Gas Engineering (MSc/PgDip)

Robotics and Automation (MSc/PgDip)

Structural Engineering (MSc/PgDip)

Sustainable Air Transport Operations and Planning (MSc/PgDip)

Transport Engineering and Planning (MSc/PgDip)

Environmental Management courses

Sustainability research

If you are considering postgraduate study to either advance your career or take a new direction towards environmental management, see where a postgraduate degree can take you.

With an emphasis on authentic, experimental problem-based learning, and ‘big issues’ in environmental science, our postgraduate courses are shaped to upskill graduates and professionals who share our passion for creating better environments for everyone.

Environmental Assessment and Management (MSc/PgDip)

Health and Global Environment (MSc/PgDip)

Safety, Health and Environment (MSc/PgDip)

Sustainability (MSc/PgDip)

Wildlife Conservation (MSc)


A postgraduate research degree offers you the chance to shape your own learning by researching a specific topic you are passionate about. A research degree, sometimes called a doctorate or doctoral degree, is the highest degree awarded by universities in the UK.

The School of Science, Engineering and Environment brings together a broad suite of research fields – human and natural science, the built environment, engineering, computing and robotics – to enable our postgraduate researchers to engage with connected, co-created, transformational research.

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Salford graduates and alumni are eligible for an exclusive 20% discount on postgraduate course fees.