Dyslexia is a learning difficulty related to language that impacts at least 6.8% of the students studying at our university. Approximately 40% of these students learn they have dyslexia while studying at university.

Dyslexia can affect literacy and other areas such as memory and organisation skills. Reach out to us if you have dyslexia or you think you might need an assessment.

Educational Psychologist assessments

We work with an external company to provide dyslexia assessments to students. These assessments do have a cost, with the student contribution amounting to £50. Current students can find out more on the Student Hub. If you’ve been assessed since you turned 16 then you may not need another assessment. Contact us for further advice and make sure to have a copy of your report for us to review.

If you’re not a registered student but plan to study here in the next academic year then you can pay the full cost of the assessment and be refunded, minus the student contribution of £50, once you register with the University. You’ll need to contact us to arrange this or, alternatively, wait to have the assessment once you have registered.

Symptoms and difficulties

Students who have dyslexia may have difficulties in some of the following areas:

  • Writing
    • Difficulties with planning & structuring essays
    • Differences between spoken and written ability
    • Poor spelling
    • Problems making lecture notes
  • Reading
    • Slow reading speed
    • Misreading
    • Difficulties extracting information from text
    • Problems in reading aloud without preparation
  • Organisation
    • Poor organisational and time management skills
    • Difficulty meeting deadlines
  • Perception
    • Poor spatial orientation e.g. knowing left from right
    • Difficulty map reading
    • Difficulty following directions
  • Memory
    • Weak short-term memory
    • Forgetting names/telephone numbers
    • Short attention span
  • Coordination
    • Writing speed may be slow and illegible
    • Clumsiness
  • Numeracy
    • Issues with numeracy skills/sequencing

If you experience dyslexia, please contact us so we can ensure you have the best support in place while you’re studying.

Email: disability@salford.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0)161 295 0023 (option 1, option 2)