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We're here to answer any questions you may have about our courses and becoming a student with us.

Chat with our tutors

During the week of 11-15 March 2024, many of our tutors will be available for bookable, online 1-to-1 appointments to discuss all aspects of their course, including entry requirements, course structure, projects and career opportunities. Whatever your question, feel free to book an appointment and speak with a tutor.

We're only an email away

If your course is not available for booking a 1-to-1 appointment, you can email your questions to the tutor directly: 

Course Tutor Email address
MSc Accounting and Finance Penny Clarke s.p.clarke2@salford.ac.uk
MSc Finance Ashraful Alam m.a.alam@salford.ac.uk
MSc Financial Technology (FinTech) Zeeshan Syed z.a.syed1@salford.ac.uk
MSc Managing AI in Business Marie Griffiths m.griffiths@salford.ac.uk
MSc Digital Marketing Violet Mtonga v.j.mtonga@salford.ac.uk
MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ambarin Khan a.a.khan6@salford.ac.uk
MSc Human Resource Development Kathy Hartley k.a.hartley@salford.ac.uk
MSc International Business Adrian Monaghan a.monaghan@salford.ac.uk
MSc Management Rashed Khan m.r.khan3@salford.ac.uk
MSc Managing Innovation and Information Technology Marie Griffiths m.griffiths@salford.ac.uk
MSc Operations Management and Business Analytics Kostas Chaldoupis k.chaldoupis1@salford.ac.uk
MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Yiannis Polychronakis y.polychronakis@salford.ac.uk
MSc Project Management Stelios Sapountzis s.sapountzis@salford.ac.uk
LLM Global Business Law and Regulation Donal Loftus d.loftus@salford.ac.uk

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