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Current positions

Research Associate Fellow


I am currently a Research Associate Fellow at the University of Salford in the School of Environment and Life Sciences. I earned my degree in Biology in Italy at the University of Genoa, discussing a thesis in pharmacology (1992). I also hold a PhD in Applied Genetics from the University of Pavia, Italy (1996-1999).  In this first stage of my career, I developed an extensive background and qualifications in pharmacology, molecular biology and genetics.

I worked for several years with Prof. Rosanna Gatti and Dr. Mirella Filocamo focused on the genetic and biochemical diagnosis of metabolic diseases, at the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa, Italy. During my time at the Gaslini Hospital, I also worked with Prof. Carlo Minetti, Director of the Department of Paediatric Neurology and Muscular Dystrophy. 

In the next stage of my career, I went abroad to study in the United States. From 2001 to 2006, I worked as a Post-doctoral Fellow in New York City at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, within the Department of Molecular Pharmacology. I used experimental and pre-clinical models of muscular dystrophy to evaluate the pharmacological and therapeutics efficacy of proteasome inhibitors. During this time, I also worked on the role of caveolin proteins in human breast cancer. 

In 2006, I moved to Thomas Jefferson University (TJU), Philadelphia, USA, where I worked, until 2011. While at TJU and the Kimmel Cancer Center (KCC), I was first appointed as an Instructor and shortly thereafter promoted to the rank Assistant Professor. During this period, continued to work in the field of Oncology research, focusing on the metabolic features of cancer cells and cancer stem cells (CSCs) and the cross-talk between mesenchymal cells and tumor cells.

Ultimately, I decided to move back to Europe in 2011. I was recruited to the University of Bologna, where I worked with Prof. Baldini, in the field of Osteo-sarcoma research and therapy. Then, in 2014, I accepted a new position in the United Kingdom, joining the University of Manchester, as an Experimental Officer.

Finally, in February 2017, I started my current position, working in Greater Manchester at the University of Salford, with Prof. Michael P. Lisanti, Chair of Translational Medicine. In the Lisanti laboratory, my work will be focused on the identification and validation of new potential therapies for targeting the metabolic vulnerabilities of CSCs. 

Research Interests

My specific research interests are related to studying the key metabolic features of cancer cells and cancer stem cells, with a focus on drug discovery (natural products and the re-purposing of existing FDA-approved therapies, such as antibiotics).

My overall goal is to target the metabolic differences between cancer cells and normal cells, elucidating novel anticancer therapeutic approaches.

Qualifications and Memberships


  • PhD in Applied Genetics


  • 2008 - Present   Member of Editorial Board, American Journal of Pathology