Studying Art and Design at Salford

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So you’ve applied to study Art and Design, we've made you an offer, but you’re still deciding or have further questions? 

We want to make sure you have all the information you need as you get ready to study at Salford. We hope the information below helps you in your decision making. If you have any further questions, simply get in touch with us at or at +44 (0)161 295 4545.

Why should you study art and design at the University of Salford?


We will value your individuality and nurture your talent in your chosen field.


Our graduates and alumni have worked with organisations such as the BBC, ITV, Social Chain, The Lowry Theatre and more.


You'll have the opportunity to make industry contacts while you study.

Top applicant questions - answered!

Do you have social channels where I can follow and see what you are up to?

he below areas have an Instagram account so you can keep up to date with what our students and staff are up to:

What's the art and design scene like in Greater Manchester?

There's so much going on here! Studying at Salford, in the heart of Greater Manchester, means you will be surrounded by galleries, theatres, TV and film production studios, art spaces, design labs, performance venues. There are events and festivals throughout the year in the city, showcasing everything from small scale experimental pieces to work by globally renowned artists and designers. 

Are the courses suitable for students that commute?

In a word: yes! There is lots of support for commuter students at Salford. We have two Commuter Hubs which are designated areas on campus for commuters who want somewhere to study away from the library, make/eat their own food, or even play some Xbox games. Alongside that we have excellent transport links - there is reasonable parking on campus, there is a train station next to Peel Park Campus and there are buses running every few minutes into Manchester and going to MediaCity or around Greater Manchester. 

Can I borrow equipment?

We have a range of camera, audio and video equipment that you can book out as a student with no cost. You can also borrow laptops from the library if you need to. 

What is the contact time like?

The contact time for Art and Design courses varies, but on average you will be in around 3 to 4 days a week. You may only have 2 hours of contact time per day, but this allows you to work on assignments in your own time.

During your first week it will be slightly different with various inductions for studios, lighting and equipment. Therefore, this will allow you to use these facilities for your assignments and projects in the future.

Our art and design facilities include:

  • Purpose-built design studios
  • Computer suites with industry standard software
  • State-of-the-art digital and traditional printing resources
  • Cameras, audio and sound equipment