Employability skills

Employability skills

What employers want

Employability skills are the key qualities that employers seek in candidates for both traditional employment and entrepreneurial ventures. These skills are essential for successful freelancing and client projects. 

When it comes to graduate jobs, employability or transferrable skills are vital. While some skills are specific to certain roles, many desired skills are general or soft skills that you acquire through academic and life experiences, whether in the UK or overseas. The good news is that your everyday activities as a student contribute to developing these skills. 

To identify your existing skills, try online assessments like: 

Once you've conducted a skills audit, pinpoint the skills you're most confident in and highlight areas for improvement. This way, you can create a plan to bridge any skill gaps effectively. 

Salford employability skills

Employers highly value ten key employability skills across various sectors, as identified through our labour market research. These skills are developed through your coursework, and the more you engage in opportunities at Salford, the stronger your employability becomes. Consider whether you already possess evidence of these skills or how you can develop them. Remember, a global perspective is particularly attractive to employers! 

The specific employability skills will vary depending on your subject and future aspirations. Whether you're a graphic designer, engineer, or counsellor, explore each skill below, determine your existing strengths, relevance to your desired career, and find ways to identify, develop, and showcase them. 

To learn more and document your skills, download our Employability Skills Summary, Employability Checklist and Activity Sheet

Develop your Academic Skills

Mastering academic skills is crucial for your success in studies, employability, and achieving your career aspirations. Enhance your academic writing, referencing, IT, and assessment skills to excel. Access comprehensive academic skills support and an extensive A to Z of skills resources to get started on your journey.