Critical thinkers and problem solvers

A person plays with a Rubik's Cube


Someone who looks at all of the information available to them, then analyses and evaluates this in order to make a rational decision. Critical thinkers rarely accept things at face value and often question ideas in a logical way.

Reflect: Are you curious and questioning? Can you analyse complex problems?

Is this skill relevant to your possible future career options? In the next section you will see how you can identify, develop and demonstrate your employability skills.

Make the most of your employability skills

You gain employability skills through your everyday activities as a student. You therefore need to be able to identify them and demonstrate you have them in your CV, job applications and interviews, and be able to apply them in the workplace.

Identify your employability skills

Conduct a skills audit on yourself, using these online assessments:

Once you have completed your audit, recognise the skills you feel most confident in and highlight the skills that you need to develop. By doing this, you can create a plan of how to address any skill gaps.

Develop your employability skills

The University of Salford provides services and opportunities inside and outside of your studies, that enable you to further your Employability Skills. Some ideas are:

To learn more about employability and how to access opportunities to help you develop in this area, take a look at our employability booklet (aimed at new students) which provides all you need to know.

Demonstrate your employability skills

You will be asked to provide evidence of your skills through the job application and interview process – you can talk about where, when, why and how successfully you have used your employability skills. We would recommend keeping a record of evidence of the skills you have developed so that you can refer to them when submitting applications or preparing for interviews.

Speak to a careers adviser

Our Careers Advisers are on hand to help. Book an appointment on Advantage or by calling 0161 295 0023 (option 5).

Appointments are available for current students and graduates of the University of Salford only.