Visual Impairments

Visual impairment is a term to describe sight loss that persists even with the use of glasses or contact lenses. Depending on the severity of visual loss, someone may be registered as “sight impaired” (previously referred to as “partially sighted”) or “severely sight impaired” (previously “blind”).

Support requirements will vary for each individual but may include support for orientation, travel and note taking. Our inclusive and accessible teaching adjustments for all students include basic practices to help you engage with your studies, but we can also make reasonable adjustments to your teaching and assessments to ensure you can fully engage with your classes and studies.

We also have a range of assistive technology available to support students with visual impairments to study effectively. You may also use human support (Non-Medical Helper support) such as note taking.

We can provide you with support via Reasonable Adjustment Plans, accessing the Disabled Students’ Allowance or applying for further funding, as well as helping you use assistive technology. If you experience visual impairment, contact Disability and Learner Support to arrange an appointment with a Disability Adviser.

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