Industry Advisory Board

Lady Hale building lit up with rainbow lights at night

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is an independent body of experienced professionals brought together on the basis of their expertise to support and advise Salford Business School. Board Members contribute business acumen, expertise and ‘industry reach’ that contributes to the current and future activities and development of the school and the wider University.

Board members come from a diverse mixture of backgrounds,  industries and sectors, ensuring a broad perspective on the skills and knowledge requirements in all types of organisations, from micro businesses and start-ups, SME’s to large entities. Through excellent thought leadership and the sharing of best practice, the Board provides crucial advice and direction around current issues and trends in business so that we are better able to keep our curriculum and employability activities relevant and provide value for money for our students. 

Individual external members of the IAB work with members of the School executive or wider School team to provide mentoring and support on specific issues and projects and activities, particularly those related to graduate employability.