Dr Lisa Dale-Clough

Lady Hale Building lit up with rainbow lights at night

Dr Lisa Dale-Clough, (Interim) Director, Economy, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)

Dr Lisa Dale-Clough portrait

Lisa’s role is to manage the economic portfolio and Directorate within the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, ensuring the right policies, investment and delivery is in place to achieve the city-region’s economic priorities and ambitions. This includes driving the implementation of the Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy – including driving innovation-led growth across Greater Manchester and increased international trade and investment - the Good Work and Real Living Wage campaigns, and the commissioning and management of business, innovation and enterprise support programmes.

Lisa has 20 years’ experience working in and researching public policy development and implementation, as well as private sector experience in ethical finance and consultancy.

Lisa has a Doctorate from University of Birmingham, which focussed on innovation and local economic development, and worked as an academic with a research interest in innovation policy and practice.