Luke Pilfold-Thomas

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Luke is an entrepreneur, investor, and technology executive. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of WeDo: Digital, alongside several other Exec positions.

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Luke’s entrepreneurial verve was there from an early age, opening his school’s first mobile tuck-shop. He worked full-time during his undergraduate degree, winning various contracts providing technology solutions to tax, investment, utilities, telecommunications, and marketing enterprises. 

His background is a mix of business and technology and has forged a career connecting both sides of the equation to deliver genuine business value through technology solutions. He started his own digital consultancy in 2015, which was subsequently sold in 2019. He founded WeDo: Digital, while investing in several other technology start-ups and scale-ups. 

For nearly 15 years, Luke has viewed technology as a strategic pillar to any company wishing to deliver satisfaction to employees and customers alike. He’s passionate about developing new and exciting products, as well as helping organisations realise the advantages and benefits of leveraging emerging digital technologies to solve intricate, everyday problems that help increase efficiency and maintain a competitive edge. 

He is a tutor and advisor in his free time, mentoring young students, guest lecturing, and helping small businesses and communities run socially sustainable projects. He also serves on the board for TechSkills, a not-for-profit organisation helping young people get into technology, as well as residing on TechUK's Cloud Committee, setting strategic policy direction with government and industry for the future of cloud computing in the UK. Luke completed his MBA through Lancaster University in 2021 and is also an enthusiastic musician and Birmingham City FC fan.